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Software Guide V27 - Panamatic Mini, Midi, Optima 2 v1.6

14. How to put the

14. How to put the machine into exhibition mode DDC Dolphin manufactures a range of lightweight semi functional exhibition machines. In addition any DDC Dolphin machine with an automatic lid can be used as a demonstration unit for exhibitions or client demonstrations. Adjustments to the control circuit will temporarily turn a fully functional machine into a semi functional demonstration unit. There are two types of exhibition mode, an automatic mode and a mode that requires user input. In exhibition mode the water pump and cutting motor are disabled, the lid motor and hands free sensor are operational Please note these modifications must be carried out by a competent person! Automatic exhibition mode Automatic mode allows the machine to continuously cycle opening and closing of the lid. The lid will close and the display will countdown from 10 seconds to zero then opens the lid and waits for an additional 10 seconds before repeating the whole process. Manual exhibition mode Manual mode requires the user to activate the machine using the foot cup sensor which will open the lid. Activating the hands free sensor will then close the lid and the display will countdown from 10 to zero. The user then has to operate the foot cup sensor to open the lid. Disable the water valve Please note that the float switch and the water valve remain active. To prevent damaging the water inlet valve, DDC Dolphin recommend you remove the rear access plate below the rear of the lid. The float switch in the water tank can be tied up in the off position. This will close the water input valve (not applicable to exhibition build machines). IMPORTANT The electrical supply to the machine MUST be turned off before removing the front and front cover of the machine The following table shows the available modes and the dip switch positions: Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 28 of 41 Feb 18 SGPana – V27 1.6

Machine Mode Dip Switch Resistor Fully functional mode Manual exhibition mode Automatic exhibition mode Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 29 of 41 Feb 18 SGPana – V27 1.6

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