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ANTIPASTI CHOP SALAD 9 Romaine, radicchio, arcadian baby greens, baby kale, Graziano aged provolone, salami, cappicola, pepperoncini, gaeta olive, baby tomato, cucumber, red onion, garlic, South Union herb bread shards, shaved parmesan + house creamy garlic PANZANELLA SALAD 6 Arcadian baby greens, baby kale, South Union garlic herb bread shards, baby tomato, cucumber, red onion, shaved parmesan + house olive oil pinot noir vinaigrette ITALIAN CLUB 14 Roasted herb fennel brined turkey, La Quercia pancetta, arcadian baby greens, roma tomatoes, Graziano aged provolone, lemon basil garlic aioli + grilled South Union focaccia IOWA BLACK ANGUS BURGER 12 “No nut” Johnson Farms basil pesto, La Quercia pancetta, roasted roma tomato, arugula, garlic confit + South Union ciabatta PANINI SCOPRI 15 Aged provolone, mustarda di fruitti, La Quercia prosciutto, Graziano salami, Graziano mortadella, sweet savory oregano thyme pickled onions, roasted roma tomato, garlic confit + South Union ciabatta MARGHERITA FLATBREAD 12 Genovese “ no nut” pesto, roasted tomato, fresh mozzarella, Johnson Farms fresh basil + white balsamic reduction GRAZIANO ITALIAN SAUSAGE FLATBREAD 12 Garlic confit, caramelized cipollini onion, asiago, fontina + balsamic reduction Gluten Friendly cauliflower crust available upon request PASTA 12 Spaghettini Or Bucatini | Shaved Parmesan and Dogpatch Urban Gardens Micro Greens Asiago Alfredo | Graziano Bolognese | Tomato Basil Ragu | Genovese “No Nut”Pesto Substitute Gluten Free Barilla Spaghettini 13 THE BARONESS | 18 Aronia infused river baron vodka housemade rosemary honey syrup lemon candied ginger Flavor as grand as its name suggests, the baroness combines a house-made aronia infused river baron vodka with the warm delights of our housemade rosemary honey syrup and the subtle spice of fresh ginger; sure to bring out the royalty in anyone. SILOS AND SMOKE STACKS | 18 A smoked manhattan: cody road rye, glenlivit, Mill stream Root Beer, house aronia grenadine house bitters infused tart cherry RUM FASHIONED | 16 A Neo Old Fashioned cedar ridge aged dark rum, Dark Simple, Chili Spiced Mole Bitters, Flamed Orange, Candied Ginger CONTESSA | 16 Mississippi river distillery river rose gin martini rossi dry vermouth aperol housemade lavender bitters A modern creation of john gertsen, a bartender at boston’s drink, replaces two of the negroni’s three ingredients: campari is swapped for the lighter and more orangey aperol and dry vermouth substitutes for sweet. it’s more like the negroni’s third cousin than a direct descendant. GODFATHER | 18 Dewar’s blended scotch whisky disaranno amaretto demerera simple flamed orange HOUSE LOCAL IOWA BEER by the glass 9 Des Moines Iowa Pale Ale, Confluence Brewing Des Moines Iowa, Disaster At Meux Porter , Lion Bridge Brewing Cedar Rapids Iowa, Blonde Fatale Belgian Ale Peace Tree Brewing Knoxville, Iowa, Tip The Cow Milk Stout , Single Speed Brewing Waterloo, Iowa , Dorothy’s Lager , Toppling Goliath Brewing Decorah, Iowa Sutliff Champagne Cider , Sutliff Cidery Lisbon, Iowa HOUSE WINE by the glass Canyon Road 6 Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Moscato , Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir , Sauvignon Blanc, White Zinfandel Prosecco, DaLuca, Italy, Nv 8

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