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issue 7

issue Online News & Topics for Cradley,Storridge & Mathon asking the questions you want asked and seeking the answers you deserve Issue 1st March 2018 7 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 in this issue THE RIDER PARANOIA? LENGTHSMAN LOCAL HEROS SIGN OF THE TIMES QUICKIES NOT A WIND UP From The Editor The new format is a hit with the communities and the reading figures support this. Issue 5 our first, yes I know it’s confusing, has hit just over 1200 views since it appeared on 18th February . Issue 1 published on 23rd February has been viewed 440 times Issue 6 published 27th February has had 345 views. (Apologies for the wait due to some technical bugs!) Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 A LITTLE BIRDIE SAID THAT WHITE STUFF USEFUL INFO So let us have your news and views on anything in Cadley, Storridge and Mathon, no matter how controversial (just remember our conditions). Just email us or click on the contact button in the menu. We don’t require your name address blood type and a letter from your Mom to put your opinions forward This is YOUR community. Simon THE ENQUIRER, A NEW DAWN FOR OPEN COMMUNICATION IN CRADLEY, STORRIDGE AND MATHON Hearty congratulations to Pete and Lynn at Cradley Butchery and Stores for displaying what must be a personification of true “Community Spirit” in fighting through the snow on Friday & Saturday to make sure they were open to meet the needs of the surrounding area Well done! we are indebted to you

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