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A LITTLE BIRDIE SAID Fit for Purpose? Again, we have to ask if it is indeed meeting the requirements of a Parish Councillor’s obligation under the laid down principles of integrity to serve on the Employment group when there is one ongoing case against the PC and another pending? Two councillors (always needed to be three) have chosen to serve on the employment group which handles employment matters for the PC. One of those Councillors served in that position and was involved in disputed actions by the PC. Is this not a breach of all of the principles that are expected of councillors? UNTIL THE CASE IS HEARD AND A VERDICT ARRIVED AT, ANY PERSON WITH THE SLIGHTEST TRACE OF INTEGRITY WOULD HAVE STOOD DOWN FROM THE POSITION BEFORE NOW We at the Enquirer have no faith in any councillor that can display such disregard for the principles they are elected to uphold

Why is it that snow in Cradley means paralysis? The A and B Roads get gritted quite efficiently, especially if the media has gone on about it for days before. But the other roads do not. We have grit bins scattered throughout the parish some, paid for by previous PCs but yet again the centre area of Cradley is devoid of such things. There are four hills in the centre which become impassable when snow falls. People in Buryfields find it extremely difficult to navigate up the sloping road to some 80 dwellings. After the last big fall what has been done to ensure this farce stops occurring in Cradley? We have an experienced and well trained Lengthsman who is quite capable of working out and reporting to for the PC where such bins could be sited for the most effect. Has anybody from the PC even spoken to Jeremy? Don’t be silly they are too busy organising picnics and coffee mornings Just in case anyone has forgotten what a grit bin looks like…. At the PC meeting on 13th Feb the emergency planning group was dissolved without reason given, just in time to avoid any PC involvement in the latest “emergency “ to hit the community. Nice move

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