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Answered Prayers and Willard Preachers (2018 edition/2nd edition)

This is the second, emended edition (2018) of Answered Prayers and Willard Preachers by Adam Fieled. The first edition was released in 2016.

To Baudelaire Mama’s

To Baudelaire Mama’s boy! Compassionate, ridiculous, dandified cunt! Right minded, wrongheaded, unwed slave and parasite! No poets go to Hell— God be with you, vulgar and adorable prick! May your tarted up, ice-pick nose-pick tales grow into a grin in the ether! You immortal artist you— we remember, who have been in New Jersey at midnight, no girls, nothing to do, sitting through thunders, hurricanes, what it is to be bored, “to ennui”— to sling a black coat over our shoulders, stroll streets in paroxysms, then into ecstasy, devilish slumbers, out again into the ocean— we remember thee.

A Dream: Gulph Mills, Summer 1996 The night, as I recall it, was moonless. An ambiance of demonic enchantment hung heavy over grey concrete parking lot. It was a carnival of dead souls, ghost-wedding, vampire funeral. No rides, cotton candy, starlit skies, carousels, only shades of sniffing bloodhounds, consumptive spaces, conglomerations; strange animal glamour of spilled blood. Deep implications of hell, chills. I awoke: thunder crackled over the trunks of trees.

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