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4 I OPINION I More on concealed carry reciprocity March 7, 2018 WEST NEWSMAGAZINE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR In this Issue 11 New Seat Belt Law Motorists now can be stopped in Town & Country for failing to use a seat belt. To the Editor: I read the letter by Mary Gross in the Feb. 14 issue of this magazine regarding Rep. Ann Wagner not listening to her constituents. I beg to differ. I think Rep. Wagner does understand her constituents and voted correctly on the issue of concealed carry reciprocity. Under current laws, we are making criminals out of otherwise law-abiding citizens by the mere fact that they crossed a state line. Behind the wheel of a car, you can go from upstanding citizen to criminal instantly. Are these citizens really a threat to your safety? For that matter, are any citizens who have a concealed carry permit a threat? The reality is that gun deaths occur almost exclusively in tight geographical areas that contain criminal gangs. The threat to our communities and law enforcement officers is not from your neighbor with a CCW permit. The number of crimes committed by people who are issued CCW permits is statistically almost zero. No one likes waking up in the morning to hear that another two people were shot overnight. But fighting the NRA and attacking our congresswoman for supporting our constitutional rights is a misdirected effort. Promoting responsible fatherhood, good schools and creating a better environment for job creation will do much more to improve the safety of our communities and law enforcement officers. Anthony Hough • • • To the Editor: What we now have is a patchwork of gun laws that, while couched under the heading of states rights, are designed more to trap lawful citizens into criminality by its costly maze of anti-gun, ergo anti-citizen mythology. Railroads must conform to the “gauge of rail track” or trains would become useless. We have only one currency for all states, one interstate highway construction regulation, one set of national standards for radio and television broadcast. Even auto tire sizes and gas tank filling ports are standardized. The list goes on and on. Just think of the mess we would have if it was not so. Thankfully, we kept aviation out of the hands of state legislators. The right of the people to keep and to bear arms is unitized in the Second Amendment. To bear arms [carry] has equal status as to keep [own] firearms [same as to hold and to practice religion, our religious freedom]. As far as the “well-regulated militia” is concerned, every able-bodied citizen was mobilized, trained and deployed to end a worldwide war in less than four years. We, the citizens, are what keep “the people’s” rights, as citizens, alive. So, you would tell us that ownership and use of automobiles be subject to the individual approval of each and every law enforcement officer? The anti-gun philosophy being cast about these days spits in the face of freedoms owned by each and every law abiding citizen. And in the latest Florida school shooting, how did our informed FBI work for those 17 slaughtered innocents there? Where was the security officer at the time? How many employees ran for their lives leaving their “lambs” to be slaughtered? This is from an 85-year-old veteran, with a crime-free rap sheet and who knows what it is like to be staring down the barrel of a loaded gun in the hands of a desperate family man. Jim Johnston Regarding “Looking forward in Wildwood” Want to express your opinion? Submit your letter to: • 636.591.0010 16 Park in Planning Wildwood City Council approves design phase for Ward 5 park. 27 Summer Camps Timely advice for parents of future summer campers. To the Editor: I have been a resident of Wildwood for five years. I have attended many council meetings at city hall. I am not a politician, however it is my personal opinion that the people who are responsible for the direction of the city are very dysfunctional. Ward councilmembers seem very protective of their respective area, but not what is good for the entire Wildwood community. Our new mayor doesn’t want his time wasted on those residents who attend the council meetings if they are going to voice concerns that have already been addressed by other residents. So much for listening. As for being a vibrant Town Center, I have not seen the addition of new businesses that make life in Wildwood more convenient. I keep waiting on new businesses to be developed that are useful and serve the needs of our residents. We, like most residents, travel to Ellisville, Ballwin, Chesterfield and beyond to make most of our purchases. Is a community garden the best use of prime real estate in the Town Center hub? Here’s a suggestion, poll the younger generation of Wildwood to find out where they shop and gather socially with friends. I’d bet it’s an eye opener and it’s not in Wildwood. Wildwood’s growth focus is on residential construction, with no business support. Will the money Wildwood receives from the sales tax pool be sufficient to maintain the comfort and convenience of this evergrowing population? I hope the residents of Wildwood feel it’s time for change, and, in April, vote for new leaders of our community that will listen and then act upon our needs. Jo Ann Kresko Honoring those who served To the Editor: Regarding your article “Fifty years later: The TET Offensive remembered,” for all of the brothers in arms, thanks for remembering. Joe McCarthy Vietnam veteran 42 No Child Left Hungry School districts seek balance between well-fed kids, unpaid lunch debt. 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