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Hachiko_book_V3 march 2018

Sold Margin % 63% AOV

Sold Margin % 63% AOV (inc VAT) £140 Parcels per month 18,600 Instillation £10,000 The numbers Low Case Mid case Demand £1,096,180 £1,565,971 ROI Year 1 457% 696% ROI Year 2 506% 771%

The Story of Hachikō Hachiko lived with his owner near Shibuya station, one of the busiest train stations in Tokyo. At the end of each day Hachiko went to the station by himself to greet his owner. But one day the owner died suddenly, never returning to the station where Hachiko was waiting. Every day for the next 10 years, until his death, Hachikō returned to the station and waited for his owner. Today Hachiko is a national hero to the Japanese. He has his own statue next to Shibuya Train Station in Tokyo, where hundreds of people have their photograph taken every day.

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