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Booklet describing the amazing learning adventure that Izabela and Dariusz have had through Erasmus+ EVS project TALE OF THE TWO CITIES

ECOcalypse ECOcalypse

ECOcalypse ECOcalypse ECOcalypse PART I ( Sunny day, birds are singing in the background, sounds of waterfall or another sounds of nature) (Suddenly, the light is getting darker, the sky rises with some clouds, every sounds calm down, music of Dead Can Dance plays in the backround, lights, painted elements and four of invasive species just appear one by one, walk around, present themselves and than sit around) EUCALIPTUS (screams in agressive and ironic way) What a beautiful day to conquest the world!!! (laughing in crazy way, like a Joker from „Batman” for example) It’s a time to start our final battle. Look at this plants around: they are so silly, they don’t suspect anything! (he looks aroud, shows to the audience endemic plants that are painted or created like a part of scenery) And this is a war! World War! Let’s turn the Laurissilva forest in our own kingdom!!! (he screams, it should looks like a war’s leader speech to his warriors) (than he calms down, sit and starts speak in bored way, like he is tired) Plants of Laurissilva are too old to still exist: imagine, is an outstanding relict of past times, it has milions years! People calculated that it born in the Tertiary period. I would prefere to make the world much more modern! (chorus: others invasive species repeat: „Yes! Let’s make the world a modern place! There is no space for reliefs from the past! We wanna fight! Let’s start the war!) I’m eucaliptus! King of all trees. King of destruction!!!.... Look at me: I’m the tallest, I’m the strongest. I will steal all of your water if I only want. (he walks around, looks like handsom and powerfull, also selfimportand) I will sterilize the ground around. Let’s make an erosion, because I’m a troublemaker! Don’t ask me about the reason. I’ll do what I want, just because I’m the most important plant in this forest... More space for me, more attention for me. I suppose to be the leader of the final battle. I think – is clear. Let’s make a plan of the final plant’s extermination! Hahahahaha! BIRD OF PARADISE FLOWER (STRELITZIA) (passes around of the rest of plants, looks in flirty way around, sends kisses, comes to the eucaliptus that already shows his muscules, pushes him a bit away and she stands on his place) My God... Really??? Why so agressive? You are maaaaaybe the strongest, the tallest, bla ECOcalipse ECOcalipse ECOcalipse

ECOcalypse ECOcalypse ECOcalypse bla bla (she speaks in ironic style). But I (pausa, she showing her beauty around), I’m just the most beautiful one! Look at me: people and other creatures just admire me, my godness shape and colors. I don’t really need to do anything – just to exist here. My only fault is that I’m a foreigner here. But can it be my sin? (pausa; she makes innocent face). Beautiful things are not only from Madeira, hahaha (she smiles cute and flirty). I came from South Africa to conquere new lands, because I like adventures. I’m a traveler, so what? (pausa, she looks at the audience) All the time I hear some gossips from endemics plants that I’m so expansive here and that I take its places to grown up to. Well... (she rolls her eyes) The endemics plants are just jealous about my beauty, about human attention! I bring a joy to human’s life, so they just forget that I’m one of the invasive alien species here. So what? Imagine! Have they ever wanted to destroy me? Of course – not. I should be your leader in this world war. Because this is my flower-power of forgetfulness. We will conquer the world with peace and love. banana passionfruit (MARACUJÁ-BANANA) (laughs behind of the back of strelitzia, comes slowly to the middle) Do you think that people really love you? They admire you, ok, true, you look niceee, diffeeerent, preeeetty -but than...they are happy 3 seconds and than just come back to their normal duties. That’s it! But guys, look at me, look at me now!!! (he/she presents itself) I’m the special one, the real plant from the paradise! When someone tries me one time, will never ever forget my taste and how special I’m...I have such a deep personality....I look like a banana, but I hide inside of me a taste of passionfruit! I’m a freak of nature. And as a freak I need some special conditions to alive. I grow up on another plants. Yes....Pleaseee, don’t look at me in this way, people. (He/she makes funny faces to the audience). Some endemics plants already told me that I’m so selfish, think only about my own comfort and it’s why I take regulary its space, its light... step by step my behaviours break its photosintesis process... if you know what I mean... (He/she says it with artificial sadness, rolls his/shes eyes, keeps quiet few seconds) Is anyone there who knows what does it mean? (he/she asks the children, someone answers) Yes, yes, exactly, hahahhaha. So, to be honest, endemics regulary die on grounds of me. But now you can see how powerful I’m! I’m the real leader, the real fighter! Come with me. I’m enough strong and expansive, but I’m also sweet and cuuuuuute. People from Madeira regulary sell my fruits. So they need me here. It’s not my fault that I need this special conditions to grow up. OPUNTIA (TABAIBEIRA) (coughs to catch the atencion) You all are so much focused on yourselfs. Can’t you see that your single power is not ECOcalipse ECOcalipse ECOcalipse

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