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Booklet describing the amazing learning adventure that Izabela and Dariusz have had through Erasmus+ EVS project TALE OF THE TWO CITIES

ECOcalypse ECOcalypse

ECOcalypse ECOcalypse ECOcalypse enough? We need to fight in a group, but as a leader you should choose me, because I tie in me all of your attributes. Look how full of life are my leaves, I’m young and strong! Much more than you eucaliptus – you’re so dry, you just know how to burn yourself in a fire. Go to hell! Look at me – I have a special gun: thorns (he throws its weight around ). I can also survive in difficult conditions, because I’m a cactus. And you? You, Strelitzia and Banana Passionfruit are just tooooo fragile. One is pretty, one is tasty – so do I! I have both of your power: people admire my flowers and like the taste of my fruits. You all, my friends (ironic tone of the voice), just can’t deal with me. EUCALIPTUS (very angry, he destroys some elements from the scenography, plucks some plants up; lights start to blink) Enough! (silence, everyone is like frozen when they see his agry mood, only the light still blinks) See what connects us. We all are the plants that like fireeee!!! Let’s conquiste the island with this weapon. Let’s burn the Laurissilva! Let’s make the real invasion and take all of the space only for us! (chorus of another invasive species in the background, repeat: only for us, us, ussssssss!!! only for us, us, ussssssss!!! something like a war song – for examle we can use music of Perfect Circle „Counting bodies like a sheeps to the rhythm of the war drums” first part of melody, without lyrics, with drums, the lights start blinking and slowly the dark comes) CURTAIN PART II (We can see all of the invasive species that are sitting around of the table, they have a big map of Madeira Island, some of them whisper something to the ears of anothers, the light is darker, we can feel the conspiration atmosphere) EUCALIPTUS Well... we already got the plan how to fight with Laurissilva in a smart way! Let’s create modern society! We are new, young generation. Laurissilva is here thousands of years! The plants of this strange forest are so conservative, nothing changed during ages, so boring... And look.... the world around changed a lot. Let’s break them and their ancient traditions. ECOcalipse ECOcalipse ECOcalipse

ECOcalypse ECOcalypse ECOcalypse OPUNTIA (TABAIBEIRA) Yes, they are like old boring grandfathers. They need to retire – now is the time. (chorus of another invasive species in the backround, repeat: now is our time, our time! ) BIRD OF PARADISE FLOWER (STRELITZIA) It’s our time to posses this beautiful island in the middle of the ocean. We can be free here. EUCALIPTUS And we are agressive! OPUNTIA (TABAIBEIRA) Strong! Banana Passionfruit (MARACUJÁ-BANANA) Powerful! BIRD OF PARADISE FLOWER (STRELITZIA) Beautiful! We are the masters of disaster!!! We are kings of fire! We will burn the world – but not step by step. Nooooo (chorus of another invasive species say it together) Patience is not our way of being. Let’s make a great war, we will conquere all of the island in the same time! Violently!!! (chorus of another invasive species in the backround, repeat: we conquere the island in one day, in one day, in one great day and we will write the history again!) EUCALIPTUS Yes, my friends. But let’s be even smarter. We can learn from another invasive species how is their way of fight! Because I’m the greatest imperator – of course, it’s me who has connections around the world! It’s meeee (he flexes his muscles). Let’s sit my friends, we will have a skype connection with one invasive master from Poland. (skype melody, in the screen we can see picture of Sosnowsky’s hogweed - Heracleum sosnowskyi, can be a recorded voice) ECOcalipse ECOcalipse ECOcalipse

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