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Booklet describing the amazing learning adventure that Izabela and Dariusz have had through Erasmus+ EVS project TALE OF THE TWO CITIES

Table of contents 1.

Table of contents 1. Introduction - General Overview 2. About Organizers: PT 3. About Organizers: PL 4. Objectives of the Project 5. Activities: Can-Art and other undertakings 6. Conducted Activities - Can Project 7. Animate for Action 8. Summer Games: Jogos Interfreguesias II 9. Juventude Ativa: Let’s Promote Healthy Lifestyle! 10. Forest-Pic Photography Contest 11. Hospital dos Pequeninos: Hospital for the Little Ones 12. SEED: Sectors United for Foresting Employability 13. Bibliteca Viva: Human Library 14. Foreign Language and Culture Classes 15. Can Art Once Again: Recycling Doors 16. Do It Yourself! Recycling Workshop 17. Do It Yourself! Recycling Workshop Plan 18. Theater Play: Eco + Apocalypse = Ecocalypse 19. Theater Play: Making Costumes and Props 20. Theater Play: Let’s Practice! 21. Teatro Metaphora’s Recycling Christmas Gifts 22. Viva Associação: Another Move Into the Local Community 23. Viva Associação: Personal Reflections 24. Viva Associação: Feira das Vontades and I Solidarity Gala of Christmas 25. Voice of volunteer: Dariusz Sirko 26. Voice of Volunteer: Izabela Puk

EVS Tale of the Two Cities booklet
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