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Booklet describing the amazing learning adventure that Izabela and Dariusz have had through Erasmus+ EVS project TALE OF THE TWO CITIES

ECOcalypse ECOcalypse

ECOcalypse ECOcalypse ECOcalypse UVA-DA-SERRA Let’s call our brothers, our sisters, powerful elements of the nature! (all of the endemics are calling: help us Mother Nature! Save our unique world! We don’t want to die!) (suddenly we can hear the sounds of wind, big rain, waterfalls, birds) RAIN (we can hear recorded voice and the sound of rain, first small rain, than the big storm) Always when our children call for help, cry and pray, I’m able to bring my help and save the world! I’m the rain, I can be friendly, but I can turn into danger storm! Laurissilva always cooperate with me, I can’t leave you without helpful hand, my friends! I’ll squize my water to the last drop, I swear! LEVADAS (water channels) (we can hear another recorded voice and the sound of rivers) We are levadas! And we will stay full of water and we will provide the water to the most dry parts of island to protect this beautiful plants that live in symbiosis, with love, peace and respect of each others from thousands years! (invasive species look around without self-confidence, some of them are surprised, another start to be scared) WATERFALLS (we can hear another recorded voice and the sound of waterfalls) We are all waterfalls from the island! The big ones and the small ones, the famous ones and that ones that are still covered inside of deep parts of Laurissilva and nobody can find us. We are help you endemic plants, because we are family. We can’t exist without humidity that you create. We are your hearts! (invasive species are looking around with panic, but still try to show their power with fire sparks around) POMBO-TROCAZ (we can hear the sound of flying birds, wings, wind, some sounds and we see suddenly the bird that is flying around of the endemic plants) Ah, someone want to destroy my family home! I’m always covered deeply in the Laurissilva branches, but now I need to be helpful. I will call all of the covered birds, you will see invasive species how many of us will fight agains you! We are flying above us, you can’t even touch us by your flames! ECOcalipse ECOcalipse ECOcalipse

ECOcalypse ECOcalypse ECOcalypse And we have a special power: we safe the seeds inside of our bellies! Now, even if you already burnt some of our sweet plants, we have the power to reconstruct the forest, to give its lives back! INVASIVE Species (very dissapoined and with crying voices: Oh, noooo!!!!) POMBO-TROCAZ We will spread the seeds, we will help to grown the plants again! ENDEMIC PLANTS TOGETHER Oh, thank you our friends! Our power is to cooperate, to live together, to create this special forest that everyone can be happy and can find the home there. MASAROCCO So sad that you spend all of your life to be invasive and fight against others plants when we are exacly the example of being happy all together, without violance and fire. TIL Madeira will stay safe. We deserve this, people will preserve our specialness and take care about us. We are even the UNESCO Heritage. UVA-DA-SERRA Not only in fairytales, good always triumphs over evil! CURTAIN ECOcalipse ECOcalipse ECOcalipse

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