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Media Analysis Wales

Media Analysis Wales internationals Key performance indicators (KPI’s) Event: Wales Internationals Location: Worldwide Date: 09/2014 - 06/2016 *Monitoring period for dedicated TV broadcast coverage September 2014 - June 2016. Please see next section for more information ^Total Net Sponsorship Value refers to the sum of net sponsorship value generated by dedicated TV, online press and secondary TV AUDIENCE & BROADCAST HOURS BY REGION Continent / Broadcast hours / Audience (hh:mm:ss) Africa & Middle East / 414,081 / 53:10:06 Asia Pacific / 718,511 / 190:42:48 Central & South America / 290,517 / 27:50:00 Europe / 7,241,252 / 249:44:29 North America / 77,300 / 19:55:00 Total / 8,741,662 / 541:22:23 DEDICATED TV AUDIENCE* Total Audience:8.7m Highest Audience Game: 2.5m (Vs. Netherlands) No. of Broadcast Markets:120 Largest Audience Market: 3.9m (UK) Largest Audience Network: 3.3m (Sky Sports) No. of International Games Played: 14 DEDICATED TV COVERAGE Dedicated TV – Broadcast Hours: 541hrs Highest Duration Game: 274hrs (Vs. Sweden) Most Coverage Broadcaster: 186hrs (BeIn) Highest Broadcast Duration by Market: 107hrs (United Kingdom) Highest Duration Region: 250hrs (Europe) VAUXHALL SPONSORSHIP Total Brand Exposure (Dedicated TV): 127:47:45 Total Gross Value (Dedicated TV): £8.3m Total Net Value (Dedicated TV): £3.3m Total Online Press Net Value: £4.6m Total Secondary TV Net Value: £0.9m Total Net Sponsorship Value^: £8.8m

Media Analysis DEDICATED TV • The United Kingdom generated the largest proportion of TV viewership (43%) as a result of extensive coverage on the wide reaching Network Sky. • Europe as a whole accounted for 83% of the total TV audiences (7.2 million viewers), originating from 250 hours of coverage. SECONDARY TV NEWS • The United Kingdom accounted generated a total of 31 hours of Secondary TV coverage in relation to Wales and Vauxhall in 2016, which generated a total audience of 99.9 million viewers. • The BBC network was responsible for the majority of the coverage (16 hours). ONLINE PRESS • Online Press generated a total of 610.4 million in Potential Readership, with Britain generating a total of 373.1 million readers in 2016. • MSN Online platform produced the largest proportion of Online Readership (352.9 million readers), which returned a total Net Value of £2.7 million. SOCIAL MEDIA* • Wales and Vauxhall generated a total of 34,913 branded social media mentions, with Twitter generating 53% of these throughout the duration of Euro 2016. • @VauxhallWales’ official #GetIn was the most mentioned hashtag on Twitter, being present on 63% of all Tweets. TOP 5 MARKETS BY AUDIENCE United Kingdom 3.8m Netherlands 2.5m Sweden 0.5m Pan Middle East 0.3m Indonesia 0.2m TOP 5 NETWORKS BY COVERAGE BBC 1 16hrs ITV 1 10hrs Sky Sports 1hr S4C 1hr CNN Int.l 1hr TOP 5 PUBLICATIONS BY READERSHIP MSN Sport UK 212.1m MSN News 104.6m Daily Mail Online 74.2m Mail On Sunday 61.2m Cars UK MSN 36.2m TOP 5 HASHTAGS (MENTIONS) #GetIn 21,920 #Wal 9,768 #TogetherStronger 3,231 #Eng 2,688 #Semifinal 2,056 *Monitoring period for Social Media: 12/2015 - 12/2016

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