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Media Analysis Table 5:

Media Analysis Table 5: % Audience by Program Type TV metrics by match type 46% 54% Match Type Audience Coverage Home 4,751,239 157:56:22 Away 3,990,423 383:26:01 Total 8,741,662 541:22:23 Total 13,547,325 918:11:48 • In total the Welsh home games accounted for 54% of the overall viewership, with 4.7 million viewers. • The Netherlands proved a key market for viewerships, with the country generating 28% of the total Home viewership. This resulted from the strong interest generated in the country by the Wales Vs. Netherlands friendly on 13 November 2015, with Cable channel SBS 6 delivering 99% of the total Netherlands viewership (2.4 million viewers) • United Kingdom achieved the greatest level of both away viewership and broadcast coverage, delivering 40% of the total Away viewership figure and 11% of the total Away coverage. The highly valuable and penetrating Sky Sport network delivered 90% of the total British Viewership. Home Away Table 6: Top Home Matches by Dedicated TV Audience Match Cumulative TV Audience % of Home total Broadcast Coverage (hh:mm:ss) % of Home total Wales Vs. Netherlands 2,541,400 53% 10:26:47 7% Wales Vs. Israel 685,150 14% 4:44:29 3% Wales Vs. Belgium 562,513 12% 31:12:12 20% Wales Vs. Cyprus 317,900 7% 20:46:53 13% Wales Vs. Northern Ireland 266,012 6% 50:35:50 32% Wales Vs. Bosnia 251,283 5% 14:33:05 9% Wales Vs. Andorra 126,980 3% 25:37:06 16% Total 5,795,542 405:44:35

Media Analysis TV metrics by event type * Table 7: TV Audience & Coverage per Tournament 6.0m 480:00:00 • Euro 2016 Qualifiers generated a total of 3.9 million viewers from 174 hours of coverage, averaging 22,439 viewers per hour of broadcast. • Similarly, International Friendly games produced an average of 13,180 viewers per hour, thus achieving a slightly more disproportional Audience/Coverage relation (not centred as the bar shows). • Still, Wales International friendly games produced a good level of interest globally, attracting a total of 4.8 million viewers from 367 hours of dedicated TV coverage. The Wales Vs. Netherlands game was responsible for the largest proportion of International Friendly TV audiences, accounting from 53% of the total (with Live viewership being the main driver of this audience figure). 5.0m 4.0m 3.0m 2.0m 1.0m 0.0m 3.9m 173:59:43 Euro 2016 Qualifiers 4.8m 367:22:40 International Friendly 384:00:00 288:00:00 192:00:00 96:00:00 0:00:00 Audience Coverage *World Cup 2018 Qualifiers audience figures were included in this analysis to provide a more insightful benchmark

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