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Media Analysis Table 19:

Media Analysis Table 19: Net Sponsorship Value by Program Type (as a percentage of total) Metrics by program type 11% 9% Brand Net Exposure Sponsorship Program Type (hh:mm:ss) Value (£) Live 31:43:29 £2,668,993 Repeat 135:31:50 £348,007 Highlights 5:32:26 £308,747 Total 172:47:45 £3,325,747 • Repeat/Delayed programming accounted for 78% of the total Brand Exposure delivered by Vauxhall, producing a Net Sponsorship Value of £0.3 million. • Live Programming produced the largest Net Sponsorship Value with a total of £2.7 million (80% of the global total). From this total the United Kingdom delivered £2.0 million (75% of the total Live programming), resulting from the high and profitable Live audiences generated by both the Sky Sports and BBC networks (2.6 million and 0.5 million Live viewers respectively). Digital refers to the Digital Viewership produced through streaming of video content on Facebook and YouTube 80% Live Repeats/Delayed Highlights Table 20: Net Sponsorship Value by Channel Type (£,millions) £3.5m £2.9m £3.0m £2.5m £2.0m £1.5m £1.0m £0.5m £0.0m Cable £0.4m Terrestrial

Media Analysis Table 21: Net Sponsorship Value by Program Type (as % of the total) 2% Value by match type • Home matches produced the highest Net Sponsorship Value contributing 98% of the total from 169 hours of Brand Exposure for Vauxhall. • Training Kit was the only source of exposure for Vauxhall during Away matches, thus generating £69,094 in Net Value from over 3 hours of Brand Exposure. In comparison, training kit produced £50,466 in Net Value during Home games. • Wales Vs. Netherlands generated the greatest Net Sponsorship Value accounting for 53% of the total due to very high Live coverage viewership (2.5 million) on the valuable SBS6 Cable Channel in the Netherlands, with Wales attracting 0.1 million viewers on the wide reaching Terrestrial BBC2 Channel. Home 98% Away Table 22: Home Matches by Sponsorship Value Match Brand Exposure (hh:mm:ss) Brand Net Exposure Sponsorship Match Type (hh:mm:ss) Value (£) Away 3:17:49 £69,094 Home 169:29:55 £3,256,652 Total 172:47:45 £3,325,747 Gross Advertising Value (£) Net Sponsorship Value (£) Wales vs. Netherlands 11:12:39 £4,370,944 £1,741,957 Wales vs. Israel 5:05:18 £1,178,387 £469,624 Wales vs. Belgium 33:29:13 £967,464 £385,565 Wales vs. Cyprus 22:18:08 £546,755 £217,899 Wales vs. Northern Ireland 54:18:01 £457,513 £182,333 Wales vs. Bosnia 15:36:59 £432,181 £172,238 Wales vs. Andorra 27:29:36 £218,392 £87,036 Total 169:29:55 £8,171,637 £3,256,652

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