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The FAW Our Values

The FAW Our Values Excellence Family Respect

The FAW Key objectives • National teams qualifying for World and European Championships • A world class coaching nation • A safe and enjoyable football experience • A stronger and sustainable domestic game • Transform communities through football for all • Live our values and strive for excellence • 50% of children playing football at least once a week by 2024 (200,000 players). • Female participation reaching 20,000 registered players by 2024, and football becoming the most popular female team sport by 2020. • 6% of disabled population registering and playing football regularly. • 4% of registered players representing the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) community. • Recruiting and training 2,150 referees by 2020. • Recruiting and training 2,000 active coaches by 2024. • 30% of children playing football at least twice a week by 2024 (60,000 players).

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