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Monday, March 5, 2018 6 The White Rabbits Dear Squabs Send us your articles, stories, poetries, paintings, pictures etc on the following email address Story Time A Fable Showing the Descent of Ignoble Pride and the Elevation of Humble Merit. SAID a clean plate to a dish-cloth, as it leaned back with an indolent air of superiority against the cupboard wall : " Dear me, how you look ! Move away from me, I request you." "Ah me!" sighed the dish-cloth, " I once was a piece of cloth, unbroken, and as white as you. It is the keeping you tidy that has brought me to this complexion. I can remember when, after clearing away the distresses that clouded your face, how you have beamed brightly upon me. Think of the many times I have gone through hot and cold water for you. What would you soon look like without me? " " Oh," replied the plate, " dish-cloths are plenty enough, there's no trouble about that; besides, what have you done more than your duty ? Were it not for plates, what need would there be of dish-cloths ? You owe your very existence to the fact of our having a use for you. Be content to fill your proper sphere without repining, and consider it sufficient honor. Your labors are not arduous; we plates bear the burdens and represent your class for you; our very appearance is an acknowledgment that dish- cloths are an auxiliary of our private life. Be assured you are where you belong ; what else could you have been, anyway ? " Said the meek dish-cloth : " I find that I have several answers to make to what you have just spoken. In simply doing my duty I have been plunged into nauseous floods of dishwater, twisted and wrung in every fiber of my frame, and then shaken almost to pieces before I wiped your face, and, after all my tortures and labors, have hung patiently and conveniently near you on a nail ready at an instant's notice to attend you again. As to owing my existence to the fact of there being china in the world, that is scarcely positive. I was descended from the notable family of Flax, and took the preparatory degrees of my class with care and exactitude. I might have become a sheet or a pillow-case. Some of my cousins are fine towels and wear the finest borders and fringes, and wait upon the faces of persons instead of plates. Over 500 meteorites hit the Earth each year • The first parachute jump from plane was in 1918 over France • The dollar values on the board game Monopoly have been the same since 1935 • The first US coast to coast aeroplane flight occurred in 1911 and took 49 days • The first paperback book was printed by Penguin Publishing in 1935 • Before 1863 the postal service in the US was free • The first taxi service began in New York in 1907 • Pez was invented in 1927 • The elevator was invented in 1850 • The first toothbrush was invented in 1498 • Honey enters your blood stream within 20 minutes of being eaten • You brain weights 2% of your body weight though uses 20% of all oxygen you breathe and 15% of the bodys blood supply • Each red blood cell lives an average of 4 months and travels between the lungs and other tissue 75,000 times before returning to bone marrow to die • The hardest substance in the human body is enamel • There are over 10 trillion living cells in the human body • The number 1 cause of blindness in the US is diabetes • Trees do not have life expectancies (most can grown indefinitely) • Rain contains vitamin B12 • Clouds fly higher during the day than the night • The Sun has a diameter of 1,390,176km (864,000miles) • It takes a plastic container over 50,000 years to start decomposing • Every year over 98% of atoms in your body are replaced • Your blood is 6 times thicker than water • Clothes dried outside smell better because of a process called photolysis (sunlight breaks down compounds that cause odor) • Mercury is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature • The opposite of a 'vacuum' is a 'plenum' ALL the white rabbits but two, my dears, All the white rabbits but two, Away they all sailed in a cockle-shell boat, Painted a beautiful blue. All the white rabbits so snowy and sleek, Away they went down to the shore ; Little they thought, so happy and meek, They'd never come up from it more. Oh, the white rabbits they wept and they sobbed, Till the boat it shook up in the sails ; Oh, the white rabbits they sobbed and they shook From their poor loppy ears to their tails. Away they all sailed to a desolate land Where never a lettuce-leaf grew, All the white rabbits but two, my dears, All tho white rabbits but two. Sea otter The sea otter is a small marine mammal native to the north and eastern coasts of the Pacific Ocean. Despite the fact that sea otters are the largest members of the weasel family, sea otters are among the smallest mammals in the marine world. The sea otter is known to have one of the thickest, warmest coats of fur in the animal kingdom which helps to keep the sea otter warm in the cold waters of the North Pacific. Like their smaller river otter cousins, the sea otter is able to walk and live on the land but it is not uncommon for sea otters to spend their lives exclusively in the water. Sea otters are omnivores as they do eat seaweed Fun Facts Kingdom..........................Animalia Phylum............................Chordata Class................................Mammalia Order................................Carnivora Family..............................Mustelidae Genus...............................Enhydra Scientific Name...............Enhydra Lutris Type.................................Mammal Diet..................................Omnivore Size..................................122-150cm Weight.............................14-45kg Top Speed........................11km/h Life Span.........................12-15 years Lifestyle...........................Solitary Colour me and other aquatic plants. Despite this though, most sea otter individuals have a primarily carnivorous diet with sea otters known to eat more than 40 different species of marine animals. The sea otter mainly hunts sea urchins, clams, crabs, snails and small fish in the water. The sea otter is one of the few animals in the world that has the remarkable trait of using tools, such as rocks, in order to get at it's prey. Sea otters have few natural predators in the sea due to their large size. Those sea otters that live further south are mainly preyed upon by the great white shark and those sea otters that inhabit more northern regions of the Pacific, are preyed upon by killer whales. Humans are one of the sea otters main predators as sea otters are hunted mainly for their incredibly dense fur. Sea otters are today considered to be an endangered species are they were extensively hunted for their fur in the 18th century which meant that sea otter populations took a devastating plunge and sea otters became rarer and rarer. There are estimated to be less than 2,000 sea otter individuals left in the wild today. There are three different species of sea otter that are recognised by science today. The common sea otter (also known as the Asian sea otter) is the largest of the tree sea otter subspecies and is found around the islands in the Western Pacific. The southern sea otter (also known as the Californian sea otter) is found off the coast of California and is known to have a narrow head and small teeth. The northern sea otter is native to Alaska and the North West of the Pacific. The northern sea otter was wiped out from the coast of British Columbia due to over hunting but has been recently reintroduced to Vancouver Island. Unlike other marine mammals, the sea otter does not have a layer of blubber to keep it warm, so the sea otter has to rely on it's dense fur to keep the cold out. The fur of the sea otter is so thick that no water actually touches the skin of the sea otter.

Monday, March 5, 2018 Sportlight 7 Pakistan Super League players foil fresh approach by bookies: PCB official Dr DUBAI: A Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) official revealed that two of the country’s cricketers have recently been approached by a bookmaker, during the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2018 tournament. The official, according to ANI, said that the two cricketers were targeted by the bookmaker using social media websites. The cricketers immediately exported the approach to the national cricket board. “Acouple of players were approached through social media apps but they did not respond to the bookie and reported the matter to us.We are watching out for the culprits,” the official was quoted as saying by the PCB. The approach to the two cricketers this year is yet another episode in the T20 League organised by PCB, Irfan Memorial and Sarhad Sports moved into final in all Karachi Football Sports Reporter KARACHI: Front runner-Sanaullah made the goal against Shama Muslim in the dying moment and leveled the score 1-1 and defeated Shama Muslim in the tie breaker 3-1. Irfan Memoirial moved into final of All Karachi Iqbal Qureshi and Yousuf Khan Memorial Football being organized by Federal United FC, District Central. Sarhad Sports beat Wasif Memorial in the second semi final 2-0. In the first semi final match between Irfan Memorial and Shama Muslim Orangi was a very exciting encounter. In the first half, both the teams presented a average game and no one was able to make any movement on any side. And on the other hand, both the teams came out of the field with the equality of 0-0. Captain Ubaidullah, Secretary East introduced to the players of both the teams. In his short address, President DFA Central Syed Usman Shah, Vice President Mohammad Shamim, Secretary Mohammad Salim Patini (Gold Medalist), and his team's sincere efforts to restore football activities in the district center in his brief address. which was hit by spot-fixing scandal last year leading to suspension of several players. Pakistani cricketers Khalid Latif and Sharjeel Khan were handed five-year bans after they were found guilty in the spot-fixing scandal in PSL 2017. Mohammad Irfan and Mohammad Nawaz were also suspended for 12 and two months respectively, and the PCB is currently probing the involvement of Nasir Jamshed for his role in the scandal. Recently, Shahzaib Hasan was handed a oneyear suspension as well as a fine of Rs 1 million after he was found to have breached three clauses of PCB’s code of conduct for players. Two friends in New Zealand create history by grabbing hat-tricks at the same time on the same day Sports Reporter KARACHI: the two friends, both aged 27, in New Zealand created history on the field of cricket. In the 112-year-history of the First Class domestic tournament (Plunket Shield), it was the first time two hat-tricks were registered almost at the same time on the same day. Both right arm fast bowlers,told reporters, Logan van Beek : "It is a great feeling to be part of history in the Plunket Shield. More happy that I made a contribution to winning the match". "I was amazed, it is very rare to get a hat-trick but for two to happen at the same time is freakish!". "I sent a message congratulating Matthew McEwan on achieving the hat-trick as well. Matthew and I are childhood friends. We went to the same school, and played in the same cricket team for almost 15 years. I used to wicket-keep to Matthew’s bowling. I was a wicketkeeper till I was 18, then changed to fast bowling. We are good friends". 15-member Women’s Team announced for Sri Lanka tour M Arif Hafeez Sports Reporter KARACHI: The Women National Selection Committee headed by Jalaluddin has selected 15-member squad for Pakistan Women’s team tour to Sri Lanka to participate in the ICC Women’s Championship Round 2. Pakistan Women’s team will feature in 3 ODIs and 3 T20I matches against Sri Lanka Women’s team scheduled to be held from March 20, 2018, to March 31, 2018 (Schedule attached). The selected players are: Bibi Nahida, Sidra Amin, Javeria Wadood, Bismah Maroof (Captain), Fareeha Mahmood, Muneeba Ali Siddiqui, Sidra Nawaz, Sana Mir, Nida Rashid, Kainat Imtiaz, Natalia Parvaiz, Nashra Sundhu, Ghulam Fatima, Diana Baig, Aiman Anwar, Team Management Abdul Raqeeb (Manager), Mark Coles (Head Coach), Shahid Anwar (Batting Coach), Ibrar Ahmad (Trainer), Zubair Ahmad (Analyst), Sajda Fajar (Physiotherapist). Josh Taylor extends winning record to defend WBC title GLASGOW: Josh Taylor enjoyed an impressive WBC silver super lightweight title win over stand-in opponent Winston Campos at the Hydro in Glasgow. The Nicaraguan was a late replacement for veteran Humberto Soto, who was injured while sparring. However, the 'Tartan Tornado' adapted to the change of challenger with no problem and had Campos down twice in the second round before referee Victor Loughlin called a halt in the next round with Campos struggling again. Taylor, 27, extended his unbeaten record to 12 fights as his career continues on an upward curve, although he will soon find more capable opponents. The Prestonpans boxer said he was happy with his performance. President urges to promote tax culture QUETTA: President Mamnoon Hussain has stressed to promote tax culture for socio-economic development of the country. Addressing an event here at Governor House, the President said that in 2013, total tax revenue of the country was Rs 1900 billion, while due to a number of tax reforms introduced by the government, volume of tax revenue generation had been expanded to Rs 3500 billion now. He however, observed that there was huge potential to generate more revenues, if more people start paying their due taxes with honesty and implementation of numerous new development projects will be ensured to provide basic facilities to the people. ISLAMABAD: Minister of State and Chairperson BISP MNA Marvi Memon has launched a series of awareness raising programs aimed at creating awareness among BISP beneficiary families and general public about civic education, rights and roles. Ms. Nigar Nazar, QUETTA: President Mamnoon Hussain in a meeting with the parliamentarians and members of society. Governor Balochistan Muhammad Khan Achakzai and Cm Balochistan Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo are also present. The event was attended by Governor Baluchistan, Muhammad Khan Achakzai, Chief Minister Baluchistan Mir Abdul Qudoos Bazinjo, Speaker Baluchistan Assembly, the renowned Women cartoonist of Pakistan, has designed a unique Board Game for the kids of beneficiaries of BISP, to disseminate key messages on Civic rights, education rights and roles. The launch event of this especially designed Board Raheela Hameed Khan Durrani, members of Balochistan Assembly, local government members, high civil officials, and tribal elders. Mamnoon Hussain said that the country’s exports Chairperson BISP launches awareness raising programs for BISP beneficiary families ISLAMABAD: Minister of State and chairperson BISP, MNA Marvi Memon, secretary BISP, Omar Hamid Khan and renowned cartoonist Ms. Nigar Nazar in a group photograph with students of roots international and children of BISP beneficiaries during the launch of “ BISP Board Game” based on civic education, rights and roles at BISP secretariat. game was held today, Mar 4th 2018 at BISP Headquarters. Beneficiary women of Benazir Income Support Programme with their children were invited on the occasion to create familiarity and interaction about the board game characters. were less than imports and the overseas Pakistanis were playing their role in bridging the gap. He said during tenure of previous government, despite taking loans of over Rs 7000 billion, no major development projects in education, health, and other sectors were initiated, however he said due to good governance of current government, the country’s issues reduced gradually and now people were getting benefits of the major projects initiated by the current government. He said with the completion of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects, Pakistan would become hub of the region. He said Baluchistan would get the maximum benefits of Gwadar Port as it would receive a huge income in term of corridor revenues. President said with the completion of 100 dams in Baluchistan, the issue of water would be overcome in the province. NICON Group of Colleges to work with ICCI for entrepreneurship development in youth ISLAMABAD: A delegation of NICON Group of Colleges led by its Chairperson Mst. Aziz Fatima Naz visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry and discussed to work with ICCI for entrepreneurship development in the youth of the region. Both sides agreed to work together for providing internships to the students of NICON in the local industry and organize skills development and training courses for students to cater to the needs of local industry. Speaking at the occasion, Mst. Aziz Fatima Naz said that NICON Group of Colleges was the largest leading chain of skill based ‘handson-training’ providers for a range of vast short IT, Technical & Vocational trainings, linguistics, College/University Entry tests i.e. IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, NTS and Business and Management courses. KARACHI: Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance, Dr. Miftah Ismail chairing a meeting to review activities related to preparation of budget. KARACHI: Vision 2025 had set a target of $150 billion by 2025. A slight edit though, would make it look more realistic if only, exports were to be replaced by imports. And that could come as early as 2023. Such has been the rise in imports of late. The latest monthly import numbers released by the PBS puts the figure at a whopping $5.6 billion for January 2018 – by far the highest ever monthly import figure. The 7MFY17 cumulative imports now stand at $34.5 billion – up 19 percent yearon-year. Exports have grown too, albeit at a much more modest rate of 11 percent year-on-year. Last time monthly exports crossed $2 billion was way back in January 2015. The trade deficit has touched a new alltime monthly high of $3.6 Biz Imports witness unprecedented growth amid widening deficit BEIJING: China warned Sunday that it was ready to hit back if the United States damaged its economic interests, fuelling fears of a trade war after President Donald Trump unveiled tariffs on steel and aluminium. Trump s announcement on Thursday sparked a flurry of counter-threats from other nations. But Washington s main trade rival had avoided any overt warnings of potential retaliation until now. "China doesn t want a trade war with the United States," Zhang Yesui, spokesman for the National People s Congress, told a news conference on Sunday, the eve of the rubber-stamp parliament s annual session. "But if the US takes actions that hurt Chinese interests, China will not sit idly billion. It was only less than two years ago, when $3.5 billion was total imports. The cumulative 7MFY18 trade deficit at $21.5 billion is already higher than the total exports in FY17. This column acknowledges that all imports are not necessarily bad. And that, imports do rise in an economy striving to break its shackles, in the quest to sustain growth. China 'won't sit idly by' if US hams trade by," Zhang said. An official English-language interpreter added the phrase, "and will take necessary measures". Zhang warned that "policies informed by misjudgement or wrong perceptions will hurt relations and bring consequences no side wants to see". KARACHI: A group photo of an exclusive dinner in the honour of Mr. S M Munir with premier of Ontario Honourable Kathylen Wayne at residence of Shakir Rehmat Ullah. Attended by Canadian Provincial Ministers Andy Taylor and Amir Shamsi.

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