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International Academy for Laser Dentistry Dr Wittschier

Course programme for laser dentistry 2018

Course 06 E 9 credit

Course 06 E 9 credit points LASER-SAFETY-OFFCER för KaVo Laser in cooperation with KaVo Dental GmbH 9 CREDIT POINTS* + CertifikatE Term of the course Speaker Fee Organizer each from 9.00 am – 4.00 pm Dr. Manfred Wittschier 235,- € plus VAT incl. handout, Info material KaVo Dental GmbH Veranstaltungsort Bismarckring 39, D-88400 Biberach/Riß scientific Laser Seminar Content • Basics in laser physics • Laser light – oral tissue interaction • Laser safety part 1 • presentation of clinical cases, clinical protocols and the scientific background • Laser safety part 2 • Hands-on with the Diode Unit Masterlase Hotline Tel. 073 51 / 56 - 15 09 Dates siehe WEBseite * regarding to BZÄK/LZÄK/DGZMK/APW

ANMELDUNG Fax 08 71/943 50 50 Course 08 E 5 credit points Kurs Diode Lasers (805 - 1,064 nm) in theory Termin Vorname Name m ZA/ZÄ m ZT m ZFA m ZMF m ZMP m DH Vorname Name m ZA/ZÄ m ZT m ZFA m ZMF m ZMP m DH Telefon Fax E-Mail Praxisstempel, Datum, Unterschrift You have the option for free cancellation up to two weeks before the course in written form. We ask for comprehension that the full fee of the course will be invoiced, if a participant misses the course. But you have the right to nominate another participant instead of you. International Academy of Laser Dentistry

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