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International Academy for Laser Dentistry Dr Wittschier

Course programme for laser dentistry 2018

Course 08 E 5 credit

Course 08 E 5 credit points Diode Lasers (805 - 1,064 nm) in theory 5 credit points* Term of the course Speaker each from 2.00 am – 6.00 pm Dr. Manfred Wittschier Number of participants 2 - 5 participants Fee Organizer Venue 395,- € plus VAT International Academy of Laser Dentistry, Dr. Manfred Wittschier Medizinzentrum Achdorf, Landshut Hotline phone + 49 8 71 / 94 35 00 Dates see WEBsite Indications and clinical protocols – 1 day course with presentations and hands-on exercises Content Diode Lasers are absolutely efficient and supportive tools in a general dentistry practice. Sufficient papers and studies are published to prove their suitability and clinical results. Objectives: • technical equipment (fiber, tips, hand piece) and hygienic aspects • safety, laser light - tissue – interaction, parameter and settings, side effects Clinical protocols in • Periodontology: biostimulation, pocket decontamination and deepithelialisation, dehydration, decontamination of root cementum and dentin, soft tissue management, flap surgery • Implantology: soft tissue management around implants, uncover procedure, prosthetic stage, maintenance, treatment of mucositis and periimplantitis • Oral Surgery: biostimulation post OP, coagulation, frenectomy, plasty surgery, preprosthetic surgeries, excision of hyperplasia and small tumors, incisions, wound infection, leucoplacia, removal of infected tissue • Soft Tissue Management: smile design, gingival contouring, and troughing in crown and bridge work, coagulation, keratosis, inflammation, decontamination in oral infections like herpetic lesion, aphtosis and mucositis, pigmentation • Endodontology: decontamination of root canal, decontamination of deeper dentin layers including dentinal tubuli, minimizing of surgical intervention, pulpotom * regarding to BZÄK/LZÄK/DGZMK/APW

ANMELDUNG Fax 08 71/943 50 50 Course 09 E 8 credit points Kurs Diode laser ind clinical procedures and scientific background Termin Vorname Name m ZA/ZÄ m ZT m ZFA m ZMF m ZMP m DH Vorname Name m ZA/ZÄ m ZT m ZFA m ZMF m ZMP m DH Telefon Fax E-Mail Praxisstempel, Datum, Unterschrift You have the option for free cancellation up to two weeks before the course in written form. We ask for comprehension that the full fee of the course will be invoiced, if a participant misses the course. But you have the right to nominate another participant instead of you. International Academy of Laser Dentistry

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