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International Academy for Laser Dentistry Dr Wittschier

Course programme for laser dentistry 2018

Course 09 E 8 credit

Course 09 E 8 credit points Diode Laser in clinical Procedures and scientific background 8 credit points* + certifikate Seminar for users to intensify their knowledge Inhalt You are a dentist, working with a Diode laser and aim to enlarge the spectrum of indication and to get more safety. And perhapps you want to know, how the laser can be integrated in the daily practice routinely. This seminar will give you the answers. Term of the course Speaker each from 9.00 am – 6.00 pm Dr. Manfred Wittschier In the morning you accompany the expert and learn the clinical application of the laser in various indications live. Number of participants 2 - 5 participants Fee Organizer Venue 780,- € plus VAT International Academy of Laser Dentistry, Dr. Manfred Wittschier Medizinzentrum Achdorf, Landshut Hotline phone + 49 08 71 / 94 35 00 In the afternoon clinical cases will be presented with primary findings, clinical protocols and results, also long term. Side effects, alternatives and limitations will be discussed, current studies presented. The fee included soft drinks, tea and coffe as well as lunch. A scriptum oft he course will be handed out. With registration please don´t hesitate to inform the academy about your personal main focus, so we can adapt the seminar. Dates see WEBsite * regarding to BZÄK/LZÄK/DGZMK/APW

REGISTRATION Fax +49 8 71/943 50 50 Course 10 13 credit points Course Diode and Nd:YAG Laser in Periodontology Date Vorname Name profession First name surname profession Phone Fax E-Mail Date, signature You have the option for free cancellation in written form up to two weeks before the course starts. Please notice that the full fee for the course will be charged, if a participant misses the course. You have the right to nominate another participant instead of you. International Academy of Laser Dentistry

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