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International Academy for Laser Dentistry Dr Wittschier

Course programme for laser dentistry 2018


LASER-ACADEMY Dr. med. dent. Manfred Wittschier Medizinzentrum Achdorf Achdorfer Weg 5 D-84036 Landshut Phone +49 871/94 35 00 E-Mail: SCHEDULE Please find the current schedule on our website „“. Individual courses are part of our program. Please do not hesitate to contact us International Academy of Laser Dentistry

E n g l i s h Course 01E 6 credit points Starter Course Laser introduction day 6 credit points* Term of the course Speaker each from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm Dr. Manfred Wittschier Number of participants max. 4 participants Fee Organizer Venue 395,- € plus VAT International Academy of Laser Dentistry, Dr. Manfred Wittschier Medical Centre Achdorf, Landshut Hotline phone + 49 8 71 / 94 35 00 Dates see WEBsite CONTENT You are a dentist, who is interested in laser dentistry. But you miss sufficient reliable information. Then our „Introduction Day” is the perfect concept for you. You accompany the speaker in the daily routine, see the clinical application of various laser types in different indications, experience the requirements for routine laser treatment plus the integration of the whole team in these procedures. So you may learn, if a laser is suitable in your practice and which laser type and how you can integrate this modern technique into your own practice. The speaker and the team is ready for question and answers the whole course. * regarding to BZÄK/LZÄK/DGZMK/APW

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