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Bear Creek March 2018


BEAR CREEK SWIM TEAM 2018 SWIM TEAM REGISTRATION The 2018 swim season is just around the corner! Bear Creek Swim Team is a non-profit organization that exists to provide a competitive swimming program, which fosters teamwork, as well as individual achievement, good sportsmanship and a competitive spirit. If you are 5 to 18 years of age as of May 31, 2018, you are eligible to swim on the team! Registration will be held on Thursday, March 22 nd at the Hunters Park Community Center and Saturday, March 24 th at the Wightman pool (on the corner of Rippling Water and Boulder Oaks). Registration Registration After April 1 st HPCA Community Center Wightman Pool March 22 nd (Thursday) March 24 th (Saturday) 6-7:30 PM 4-5:30 PM 1 st swimmer in family $125 $125 $135 2 nd swimmer in family $70 $70 $80 3 rd swimmer in family $50 $50 $60 Each additional swimmer in family $35 $35 $45 Plus $30 equipment fee for 1 st swimmer, $15 for 2 nd swimmer and $10 for each additional swimmer. REGISTRATION FEE WAIVED FOR ALL SWIMMERS 15 to 18 YEARS OLD! ($30 Equipment Fee is Not Waived) Would you like to save some money on your registration? Ask how by providing a sponsor. ALSO, PARENTS TRAINED AND PARTICIPATING AS MEET OFFICIALS WILL RECEIVE $50 OFF OF REGISTRATION FEES!! Share the joy, share the fun and share the summer with your neighbors and friends! If you have any questions, please contact: President Keely Wilson or 713-478-4829 Treasurer Vickie Manies or 281-733-7564 EQUIPO DE NATACIÓN BEAR CREEK INSCRIPCIÓN DE EL EQUIPO DE NATACIÓN 2018 La temporada de natación 2018 está a la vuelta de la esquina! El equipo de natación Bear Creek es una organización sin fines de lucro que existe para proporcionar un programa competitivo de natación que fomenta el trabajo en equipo , así como el logro individual , el espíritu deportivo y un espíritu competitivo. Si usted es de la edad 5 a 18 años antes del 31 de mayo de 2018, usted es elegible para nadar en el equipo! Inscripción se llevará a cabo el jueves 22 de marzo en el Hunter Park Community Center y el sábado 24 de marzo en la piscina Wightman (en la esquina de Rippling Water y Boulder Oaks). Inscripción Inscripción Inscripción 22 de marzo (jueves) 24 de marzo (sábado) después del HPCA Community Center Wightman Pool 1 de abril 6-7:30 PM 4-5:30 PM Primer nadador en la familia: $125 $125 $135 Segundo nadador en la familia: $70 $70 $80 Tercer nadador en la familia: $50 $50 $60 Cada nadador adicional en la familia: $35 $35 $45 Más un cobro de $30 por el primer nadador (por el uso de el equipo de piscina), $ 15 por el segundo nadador y $ 10 por cada nadador adicional. NO HAY COBRO DE INSCRIPCIÓN para todos los nadadores de 15 a 18 años de edad! (solo se paga los $30 por el uso de equipo de piscina) Si tiene alguna pregunta , por favor póngase en contacto con: El presidente Keely Wilson or 713-478-4829 El tesorero Vickie Manies or 281-733-7564 4 March 2018 | Bear Creek Community Newsletter

COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE, PRECINCT 4 COMMISSIONER JACK CAGLE For street repairs, manhole covers, tree limbs hanging over street, etc., contact Community Assistance at 281-353-8424. HOW TO MAKE A DEED RESTRICTION VIOLATION COMPLAINT Any resident may file a complaint in either of two ways: 1. Simply make a phone call to the Hunter’s Park Community Association Office at 281-463-1216. 2. Fill out the complaint form below and drop it in the mail. All complaints will be held strictly confidential. REMEMBER: If we don’t know about a violation, we can’t correct it. “COMPLAINT FORM” Violation (use your own words) ____________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Address of Violation _____________________________________ Frequency/Time of Violation ______________________________ Date of Complaint ______________________________________ Subdivision Area: A B C D E Your Name: ___________________________________________ (Optional) Your Address: __________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Your Phone: ____________________________________________ (YOUR IDENTITY WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL) Bear Custom Flooring • Tile - Porcelain & Natural Stones • Laminate • Carpet • Hardwood Floors • Vinyls & Vinyl Planks • Countertops • Blinds Thank you for helping us help you!!! Mail To: HUNTERS PARK COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION (DEED RESTRICTIONS COMMITTEE) 4503-A HICKORY DOWNS HOUSTON, TEXAS 77084 281-345-1485 12610 Tanner Rd.# 706 • Houston, TX 77041 (Between N. Eldridge Rd. & Brittmoore Park Dr.) Please call first for an appointment - we may be out bidding a job. Bear Creek Community Newsletter | March 2018 5