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Colonies March 2018

C. Paul Shubert, P.C.

C. Paul Shubert, P.C. Certified Public Accountants Income Tax Preparation • INDIVIDUALS • CORPORATIONS • PARTNERSHIPS • ESTATES Weekend and Evening Appointments Available 4654 Hwy. 6 N. Suite 101 281-556-1040 TRASH PICK-UP As we continue to work on renovating our homes, please be cognizant of trash collection dates and the items that should be included in the trash for pick up. If the trashcans are left out, there is a possibility that a deed restriction violation letter may be sent. Trash Pick-up is Monday and Thursday by WCA unless it falls on one of the holidays below. Mondays - Heavy Trash and Recycling Thursdays - Normal Trash Pick-up 2018 Holidays (No Trash Pick-up): • Monday, May 28 th - Memorial Day Celebration • Monday, September 3 rd - Labor Day Celebration • Thursday, November 22 nd - Thanksgiving Day What recycles? See below, call their customer service line at 281-368-8397 for questions regarding the recycling program. • Paper: Newsprint, magazines, catalogs, junk mail and envelopes, copy paper, file folders, paper grocery bags, telephone books, greeting cards. Cardboard such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes, soda and beer boxes and storage/moving boxes. • Glass containers: Post consumer food and juice containers, beer and soda bottles. • Plastic containers: Post consumer food, juice, soda, water, shampoo bottles. Plastic items must contain the international recycling code 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7. Plastic grocery type bags and Styrofoam are excluded. • Steel and aluminum containers: Beer, soda, tuna, vegetable, juice, pet food and similar metal containers are acceptable. HAZARDOUS WASTE Hazardous Waste such as paint and paint related products, batteries, electronics etc. should not be put out in regular trash for pick-up. There are several options to dispose of these items. Harris County Household Hazardous Waste: 6900 Hahl Rd., near Hwy 290 and Gessner (281-560-6200) Houston, TX 77040 Hours of Operation are Wednesday 9 AM-3 PM and 2 nd Saturday of the month 9 AM-2 PM Electronics such as TV’s, computers, game consoles and much more can be disposed at Compucylce: or Best Buy, go to and type “recycle” into the “search Best Buy” area at the top of the page. MUD 102 ALERTS Stay up to date on trash pick-up and water alerts by signing up for MUD 102 Alerts. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up. 6 March 2018 | The Colonies Community Newsletter

CONCORD COLONY (CC) GARAGE SALES Concord Colony residents are not to have more than two garage sales per year. (CC) HOA REQUEST Dear Concord Colony Residents, Your Board of Directors and Community Manager strive to make this community look its best at all times. We are asking you to please take a good look at the exterior of your home and yard. Landscape your flowerbeds if needed, trim your trees and bushes if needed and also reduce the clutter. If the paint on your home is chipping or fading, please consider repainting (approved colors only). However, before you start painting, you must submit an ACC application to the management company for review. If you have any questions or need an ACC application please do not hesitate to contact your community manager, Linda Bartel, at 713-329- 7100 or by email at Thank you in advance. (CC) HOA MEETING Our meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at the MUD #102 Building which is located at 15300 Falmouth Ave. under the Colonies Water Tower. Watch for our meeting notice signs posted throughout our neighborhood. We encourage you to attend. (CC) STREET LIGHTS If a street light is out or remains on all the time, get the numbers off the pole, address and call Centerpoint Energy at 713-207- 2222 or go to and you can report the issue online. (CC) COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT CONTACT Each and all of the residents in Concord Colony should feel free to contact your community manager with concerns, questions or an issue in Concord Colony. The contact information for your community manager is located inside the back cover of the newsletter under “Important Colony Numbers.” (CC) DEED RESTRICTIONS Please remember that deed restrictions are strongly enforced and any outside construction or major landscaping changes to your home must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). ACC contact information for Concord Colony is on the inside back cover of this newsletter. GEORGETOWN COLONY I (GC1) GARBAGE CANS Many neighbors have been storing their garbage cans in view from the street. This is in violation of the deed restrictions and appropriate actions are subject to corrective action. Also, please remember to place garbage curbside after 6 PM, the night before pickup. (GC1) GARAGE SALES According to the State Comptroller’s office, garage sales are permitted only twice annually. If more than that, it will be assumed that a business is being operated out of home, which is in direct violation of the deed restrictions and necessary action will be taken. (GC1) LOST AND FOUND PETS The first thing to do if you find a lost dog that does not have a tag, is to take it to any vet’s clinic or Petsmart and have it scanned for a micro chip. This is the fastest way to get the dog back to its owner. If it does not have a micro chip, please look for signs to make sure the dog gets back to its rightful owner. A dog that is left to wander is subject to being hit by a car, abuse or starving to death. Those of you who are dog owners, please be sure to keep a collar and tag on it at all times. Even if the dog is micro chipped, it is much easier to return the dog to you if it has your contact information on a tag. (GC1) WELCOME PACKAGES We have welcome packages, which include a quick start guide to Georgetown Colony 1, deed restrictions, by which, this subdivision abides and architectural guidelines and forms. They will be handed out to new residents, but are also available upon request by contacting SCS Management at 281-463-1777. (GC1) HOME IMPROVEMENTS When considering home improvements, please submit an Architectural Review Form to the Board for approval prior to beginning of any exterior work. The forms may be obtained from SCS Management at and are approved through your local Architectural Control Board. Projects shall be completed on a timely basis. (GC1) DEED RESTRICTION COMPLAINTS Any resident may file a complaint either by contacting SCS management at 281-463-1777 or, where you may email the Board members. The Colonies Community Newsletter | March 2018 7