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Colonies March 2018


GEORGETOWN COLONY II (GCII) DEED RESTRICTIONS We want to thank all of the homeowners in GCII who take the time and expense to keep their property maintained! It shows pride in your ownership and it keeps all of our property values up! Before doing home improvements, please submit an Architectural Review Form to the Board for approval prior beginning any exterior work. The forms may be obtained from SCS Management at or 281-463-1777. (JC) VISIT US ON THE WEB Questions about the neighborhood? Check us out on our website - This is the website maintained for us by PMG/Associa. The Jamestown URL and Facebook pages have experienced issues. The new Board is committed in improving the communications shared within the neighborhood. We hope to have improvements to both of these platforms very soon. JAMESTOWN COLONY NEWS (JC) HOA ASSESSMENTS DUE Your 2018 annual homeowner assessment was due January 1 st . The annual assessment for 2018 is $425 per home (assessment raised from last year because of the increasing cost of utilities). • Do not send cash. PMG (for the HOA) accepts checks, money orders or online payments only. A private Facebook page was created to continue the neighbors helping neighbors in the Harvey recovery. While this page is private, it can be useful to those wanting to provide help to those still needing it. You should have received an email inviting you to download the new Associa/PMG app, TownSq (see below). This app appears to have lots of great features to bring our community even closer together and to make interactions easier: Associa Is Proud To Introduce Townsq Meet your neighbors, manage your account and access the resources you need for better community living, all through one user-friendly app. Available for FREE to Associa communities, join TownSq now to start experiencing community your way! • Connect with your neighbors • Collaborate on community happenings • Stay up-to-date on association interests • Manage your account • View HOA website • And more, any time, on any device. Your account is already set up and ready to use. Simply download TownSq in the App Store using your mobile device or register at with your Associa account number and zip code. (JC) 2018 EASTER EGG HUNT Easter comes early this year! The 2018 Easter Egg Hunt will be held March 24 th in the Section 1 park on Arcadian Shores. Put it on your calendar now and look for signs at the entrances a week before the event. If you’d like to volunteer to help with the event, please contact community activities committee co-chairs, Angelica Kellogg (832-755-7834) or Jennifer Pearce (713-702-6620). (JC) ANNUAL MEETING IN MAY Start planning now to attend the Annual Meeting in May (third Wednesday). Meet your Board of Directors & your neighbors, air your concerns & learn how this community works. Also, three directors will be elected or re-elected. If you’d like to run for the Board, contact Erica Morgan with PMG at 713-329-7186 or for more information. (JC) DO WE HAVE YOUR EMAIL & PHONE? If we can email, phone or text you, we can save the HOA some money for notifications. In the event of emergencies (like Hurricane Harvey) or to let you know about community events/news, we need a reliable way to contact residents. Email and put “ADD” in the subject line. Include your name, street address, home phone, cell phone and preferred email address(es) in the body of the email if possible. We don’t send out many emails, so you won’t be overwhelmed. • If paying by check or money order, be sure to include your statement coupon AND/OR put your account number on the check/money order (or somewhere in the covering document(s)), together with the words “2018 Assessment.” Send all payments to: Jamestown Colony HOA c/o PMG Houston PO Box 3157 • Houston, TX 77253-3157. If you have PMG’s address saved in your online bill pay, please be sure to update the address to the one above. If the payment is mailed via the US Postal Service, PMG (for the HOA) cannot go by the postmarked date; it is entered by date received. Be sure to send in your payments early to avoid late fees. PMG no longer processes payments at their branch office. If any payments are received at the branch office, it will take at least 7-10 business days to post to your account. • To pay online, log into your account online at and click MY ACCOUNT. This is also the place to register for your online account if you haven’t already done so. Your homeowner assessment accrues late fees and penalties after January 31 st . If you cannot pay the entire 2018 assessment by January 31 st , we encourage you to contact PMG to set up a payment plan. As long as you are on an approved payment plan (and stick to it), you will not be assessed penalties or late fees. To arrange a payment plan, contact Erica Morgan with PMG at 713-329-7186 or (JC) HARVEY ASSESSMENT WAIVERS The Board voted in January to follow up on the Annual Meeting vote to allow those homeowners who flooded during Hurricane Harvey to skip paying their HOA assessment this year. To qualify for the waivers, contact Erica Morgan with PMG at 713-329-7186 or emorgan@ You will need to provide proof of loss, to include (ideally) approved FEMA &/or insurance applications. Other proofs of loss could include repair bills and photos. If you have already paid your 2018 assessment and you qualify for the waiver, you can choose to be reimbursed or to apply the assessment to your account. (JC) SPRING CLEANUP Yards of the month will start being awarded in April, so it’s time once again to do some work on our yards, re-sodding where necessary after all the storm damage and fertilizing judiciously. Homeowners in Houston don’t need to fertilize more than twice a year-once in early fall & again in the spring. Use a good organic fertilizer, if possible & use a proper spreader, not a shovel to apply it. Fertilizer, used in excess, washes into the sewers & eventually into the Gulf, causing dead zones. We look forward to seeing all the spring flowers & fresh new landscapes after all the ravages of the past year. 8 March 2018 | The Colonies Community Newsletter

Discount Fence Company “When a good job really matters.” Residential and Commercial Fences • Wood Privacy Fences • Chain Link Fences • Fence Repairs • Insured and Bonded • Free Estimates • Tree Trimming (Certified Arborist) No Job Too Big or Too Small Daniel Burgess 832-378-2337 Your Neighborhood Plumber Aaron’s Up-front Pricing $25 OFF With this Ad Since 1974 LIC. 17773 Complete Plumbing & Drain Service We Welcome Your Questions • Open 7 Days a Week 281-444-2000 LANGHAM CREEK COLONY (LCC) LANGHAM CREEK COLONY ANNUAL ASSESSMENTS If you have any special needs or questions concerning your assessment statement, call Principal Management Group at 713-329-7100. YORKTOWN COLONY (YTC) MANAGEMENT COMPANY The contact is Shannon Abernathy at 713-329- 7130 or (YTC) HOA DUE REMINDER Starting February 1 st if you have not paid your HOA dues they will start accruing late fees. If you owe the association money, please contact Shannon with the management company at 713-329-7130 to set up a payment plan. (YTC) COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE Yes, it’s that time again, get started early and be ready, start now with the Spring cleaning and get rid of all the unwanted clutter and any gently used items you no longer want or need. This is a time we should work together and watch out for each other, be mindful of the extra traffic and people, (kiddos too) walking in the street. This is a big event and we look forward to it each time, this is a great way to make a little extra spending money without ever leaving the house. Let’s do this!! Early Birds will be there, be ready! April 6 th and 7 th Rain or Shine! (YTC) EASTER CELEBRATION IN THE PARK Come and join us at the park March 31 st from 11 AM to 1 PM. There will be lots of fun and games along with an egg hunt, maybe even a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny. Martha and all her volunteers work hard to make this a great event. Hope to see you there. (YTC) YARD OF THE MONTH Judging for yard of the month will begin this month for April. We will announce the winner in the May issue. You still have plenty of time to get out and make a difference, let’s get those minds working and those hands dirty. Happy planting. (YTC) BIRD AND BUTTERFLY- FRIENDLY GARDENING Creating a garden that welcomes birds and butterflies may seem a daunting task, but the principles are simple. Any landscape can become a haven for wildlife if three basic things are provided: food, water and shelter. Many of the plants/flowers listed are great landscaping plants throughout your yards. They have the added bonus of being wildlife friendly. To attract butterflies and hummingbirds plant any of the following: butterfly bush, milkweed, coreopsis, lantana, lavender, rosemary, geranium, lupines [bluebonnets], petunias, phlox, verbena, zinnias. Provide larval-food plants for the butterflies common to your area: milkweed for monarchs. To attract the widest variety of birds, it’s best to use several different kinds of feeders at various heights. Some birds, such as mourning doves, are ground feeders. Woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees like suet feeders. Nectar mix for hummingbird feeders can be purchased at most garden supply stores or can be made by boiling one part sugar in four parts water, replacing the mixture at least once a week. Orioles and butterflies will make occasional visits to hummingbird feeders, as well. Most of the plants and flowers may be found at nurseries, Home Depot in potted plant form or seeds. There is also the Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary, which specializes in local native prairie grasses and wildflowers. The plants sold are grown only from seed collected in coastal prairie remnants in Harris or surrounding counties. These seeds were collected and planted by the hands of dedicated Houston Audubon staff and volunteers. The Natives Nursery fills a unique niche by offering native plants not readily found elsewhere. The Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary is a 17.5-acre nature sanctuary along Rummel Creek, located in the Memorial area. 440 Wilchester Blvd, Houston, TX 77079 Phone: 713-932-1639 (YTC) MUD 102 Stay informed with the MUD District and sign up with to receive emails. (YTC) CRIME REPORTS We are now getting crime reports from the MUD #102 for January. Suspicious person 3 Disturbance / Loud Noise 4 Discharge Firearm 1 If you see suspicious vehicles or people in the neighborhood, please call the sheriff’s department 713-221-6000. (YTC) SE HABLA ESPAÑOLA Spanish Speaking Board Member Contacts are: Ben Salas - 832-524-9080 Martha Muzquiz - 832-563-2207 (YTC) VACATION WATCH If you are planning a vacation for an extended time you can go to Programs/programs_VacationWatch.aspx and you can submit a form for the Sheriff’s department to keep an eye on your house while you are away. (YTC) ARCHITECTURAL AND MODIFICATION REVIEW Please remember when you are making modification to the exterior of or home and or your property you must submit an application for approval before the work begins. To submit a request, log in on website using My Account. On the top left side, you will click on Services and Amenities and then click Architectural Review. There you can submit a request. For fabor, alludanos a conservar limpia nuestra colonia.rebisa, el frente y lado de tu casa, recoje los botes de basura, no, dejes cosas que se miran mal; en tu patio aci, bamos a evitar las cartas de h.o.a. muchas gracias. Juntos acemos la diferencia. (YTC) HAVE YOU LIKED US YET ON FACEBOOK? Yorktown Colony now has a Facebook. Thank you to Jose Lopez for creating this for our neighborhood. This is to keep each other informed on events and happenings going on in the neighborhood. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. The Colonies Community Newsletter | March 2018 9