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Copper Grove March 2018

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also accept a check. The perpetrators of this type of criminal behavior will often tell homeowners they have materials left over from a previous job and will give them a discount if they act now. It is recommended to check references and go through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to determine the credibility of the company. Lastly, never pay for work in advance; always pay at the conclusion of the job. If you have not provided your email address to your team captain to receive notices, please contact Margaret Longoria to be placed on the notification list. Team Captain Contact Information: Copper Grove - Main Sharon Haskett Pat Riley Howell Grove Lane Belinda Osborne Maple Ridge John Scruggs Preston Oaks Heather Cousson Mahinder Singh Woodfield Place Mario and Ruth Lira Manuel/Margaret Longoria Pet Owners Please be mindful to keep all dogs on a leash when walking them, to keep the community safe. Also please be respectful of your neighbors and clean up after your dog. First Service Residential gets a lot of complaints regarding these issues. Trash Days Garbage pick up occurs on Wednesday and Saturday. On the following holidays, our garbage is not collected and it will not be collected until the next designated pick up date. In other words, trash will NOT be picked up the day after a holiday. • Independence Day-July 4 th • Labor Day • Thanksgiving • Christmas • New Year’s Day Copper Grove is on Facebook and has a website Copper Grove homeowners, please like and let your neighbors know about the new Copper Grove Neighborhood Facebook page where updates and important information regarding the Copper Grove neighborhood and other community news will be shared. For our Website, please contact First Service Residential to get the information you need to get registered for our website. 6 March 2018 | Copper Grove

® FEBRUARY 16 TH THROUGH MARCH 23 RD 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM EBRUARY 16 TH THROUGH MENU MARCH 23 RD 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Discount Fence Company “When a good job really matters.” Residential and Commercial Fences • Wood Privacy Fences • Chain Link Fences • Fence Repairs • Insured and Bonded • Free Estimates BELLAIRE PAINTING Copperfield Area Resident / Business • Over 20 Years, Experienced Craftsman ELECTRICIAN $20 Off Any Service Call! Not to be combined with any other discount or offer. Electrical Services Residential & Commercial G SEAS YOUTH MINISTRY SUMMER PROGRAMS 24/7 Service Award Winner Master #100394 • TECL #22809 5 Year Warranty* 100% Customer (8 PC FISH, SIDES, MAC-N-CHEESE) $30 Satisfaction COVER PHOTOS ADD SHRIMP (3 PC) $ 3 Guaranteed! YUMMY DESSERTS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR SWEET TOOTH! ADD MAC WANTED! & CHEESE $ 2 We are looking for great photos to use on the front cover of your newsletter! Pictures must be high quality (min 300 dpi). No cell phone photos allowed. Email photos for P Mount Flat Screens P Generators P Lighting BENEFITING SEAS YOUTH MINISTRY SUMMER PROGRAMS CASH, CHECK OR CARD P Add Circuits P Panel Replacement consideration to with the name of your subdivision, and any credits that should be published with your photo (such as a professional photographer.) Names of children and/or adults shown on the photo will be included by request only. Although not a requirement, we 1 No Job Too Big or Too Small SSERTS like to use AVAILABLE themes each month based FOR on holidays, YOUR summer, SWEET WIRED TOOTH! winter, etc. By submitting your photo, you are giving permission to use your photo on the cover or inside your newsletter, as well as other Krenek Printing publications. Deadline for submission is the 10th of each month. The next due dates will be March 10th for the April 2018 and April 10th for the May 2018 publications. Daniel Burgess 832-378-2337 FEBRUARY 16 TH THROUGH MARCH 23 RD • Tree Trimming (Certified Arborist) SMALL (15:30 PC) PM FISH to 7:30 PLATE PM $ 6 MEDIUM (3 PC) FISH PLATE $10 LARGE (5 PC) FISH PLATE $14 FISH TACO (2) PLATE SMALL $10 (1 PC) FISH PLATE $ 6 MENU HANDYMAN SERVICE SHRIMP TACO (2) PLATE MEDIUM $10 (3 PC) FISH PLATE $10 Owner Operated SHRIMP SMALL (1 (8 PC) PC) FISH PLATE PLATE $ 6 $12 Repeat Customer & Referral Rate: 80% MEDIUM (3 PC) FISH PLATE LARGE $10 (5 PC) FISH PLATE $14 ALL PLATES INCLUDE SIDES AND DRINK Water Damage Repair Specialist LARGE (5 PC) FISH PLATE $14 Interior/Exterior Paint & Stain FRIES, COLESLAW, GREEN BEANS FISH & HUSH TACO PUPPIES (2) PLATE Cabinet $10 FISH TACO (2) PLATE $10 Refinish • Pressure Wash Door, Window & Wood Replacement SMALL Tile Work • Sheetrock • Texture • Carpentry VEGGIE (1 SHRIMP PC) TACO PLATE FISH (2) PLATE (SIDES, PLATE MAC-N-CHEESE) SHRIMP $10 $ 6 TACO $ 6 (2) PLATE $10 SHRIMP (8 PC) PLATE $12 Crown Molding • Roof Repair • Siding • Fencing TO GO MEAL DEAL FOR 4 Decking • Pool Cleaning and Maintenance MEDIUM (3 ALL PLATES PC) INCLUDE FISH SIDES PLATE SHRIMP AND DRINK (8 $10 PC) PLATE Rental $12 Property Maintenance and Turnkey (8 PC FISH, SIDES, MAC-N-CHEESE) $30 FRIES, COLESLAW, GREEN BEANS & HUSH PUPPIES Custom Wood Repair & Replacement LARGE ADD (5 SHRIMP PC) FISH (3 PC) PLATE $ 3 INSURED & BONDED • FREE ESTIMATES VEGGIE PLATE ALL (SIDES, MAC-N-CHEESE) $ 6 PLATES $14 INCLUDE SIDES AND DRINK ADD MAC & CHEESE $ 2 Call Steven Fletcher at FISH TACO TO GO MEAL (2) DEAL PLATE FRIES, FOR 4 COLESLAW, $10 GREEN BEANS & HUSH PUPPIES (8 PC FISH, SIDES, MAC-N-CHEESE) $30 832-577-2364 SHRIMP DINE IN OR ADD TACO TO SHRIMP GO (3 (2) PC) PLATE CASH, CHECK $ 3 OR CARD $10 ADD MAC & CHEESE VEGGIE $ 2 PLATE (SIDES, MAC-N-CHEESE) $ 6 SHRIMP (8 PC) PLATE $12 YUMMY DINE DESSERTS IN OR TO AVAILABLE GO CASH, FOR TO CHECK YOUR GO OR SWEET MEAL CARD TOOTH! DEAL FOR 4 ALL PLATES INCLUDE (8 SIDES PC FISH, AND SIDES, DRINK MAC-N-CHEESE) $30 BENEFITING YUMMY DESSERTS SEAS YOUTH AVAILABLE MINISTRY FOR YOUR SUMMER SWEET TOOTH! PROGRAMS S, COLESLAW, GREEN BEANS ADD & SHRIMP HUSH PUPPIES (3 PC) $ 3 BENEFITING SEAS YOUTH MINISTRY ADD SUMMER MAC PROGRAMS & CHEESE $ 2 VEGGIE PLATE (SIDES, MAC-N-CHEESE) $ 6 TO GO MEAL DEAL FOR 4 FRONTDINE IN OR TO GO CASH, CHECK OR CARD OR TO GO FEBRUARY 16 TH THROUGH MARCH 23 RD 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM MENU P Cable/Phone 713-467-1125 281-897-0001 Family Owned & Operated Copper Grove | March 2018 7