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Concord Bridge March 2018


HELPFUL NUMBERS Preferred Management Services, AAMC® P.O. Box 690269 Houston, TX 77269 281-897-8808 Beverly Carroll, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®, Property Manager CONCORD BRIDGE BOARD MEMBERS Mary Ann Harvey, President Maria Cutlip VicePres. Sandra Peters,, Secretary Trudy Culp, Treasurer Margarita Engebretson, Member at Large *Mail all Board correspondence to CB Board of Directors, c/o Preferred Management Services P.O. Box 690269 Houston, TX 77269 CONCORD BRIDGE WEBSITE NEWSLETTER CHAIRPERSON Sandra Peters 713-806-3886 Krenek Printing Co. 281-463-8649 Concord Bridge Pet Hotline 281-468-9414!/Concord Bridge PetHotline SWIM TEAM INFORMATION Sharlondrea Basquine-Franklin, Board Pres. 713-931-7066 UTILITIES CenterPoint Energy 713-659-2111 Horsepen Bayou- MUD Billing Questions 281-290-6500 Service & Repair 281-290-6503 Comcast Communications 713-341-1000 Reliant Energy 713-207-2222 1-800-332-7143 WCA Waste Corporation of Texas 281-368-8397 Texas Pride Disposal- Horsepen Bayou MUD EMERGENCY NUMBERS Emergency 911 Constable, Contract 99 281-463-6666 Cy-Fair Fire Dept. 911 Non Emergency 713-466-4073 MUD 102 Harris County Sheriff Office 713-221-6000 Horsepen Bayou MUD-Constable Precinct 5 281-463-6666 MISCELLANEOUS Cy-Fair Hospital 281-890-4285 Memorial City Hospital 713-932-3000 Poison Control Center 1-800-764-7661 Post Office-Griffith Station 1-800-275-8777 SCHOOLS Lee Elementary 713-849-8281 Hairgrove Elementary 713-896-5015 Truitt Middle School 281-856-1100 Cypress Ridge HS 281-807-8000 CONCORD BRIDGE SWIM TEAM Come one, come all. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the neighborhood swim team, please be on the lookout for more information to come soon. Swimmers 18 & under at all levels of ability are welcomed to join. To begin learning more about our awesome DOLPHINS take a tour online. Visit our website at https://concordbridge.swimtopia. com/ or google Concord Bridge Swim Team. Registration opens after Spring Break!! GARAGE SALE DATES The remaining garage sale dates for 2018 are June 1 st and October 6 th . These dates will be advertised on local media and signs are placed at the entrances early in the week of the sale. Garage sales are not permitted on any other dates. Fines may be assessed for failure to abide by this rule. For information and an application for an estate sale, please contact Preferred Management. HARVEY RECOVERY We are now six months following Hurricane Harvey and subsequent floods, remember that you must request an extension to continue living in a motorhome or RV in your driveway. Also, please get an extension for storage containers. As we get back into our homes, please remember that deed restrictions are still applicable. While the Board of Directors has instructed Preferred Management to refrain from deed restriction letters to the flooded homes, we must remember it is to our benefit to return to normal as soon as possible. Letters will begin to go out as reminders that deed restrictions are still in force. Please bring your home back to meet all deed restrictions. SUMMER ACTIVITIES Would you like to see additional activities in our neighborhood? We would love to have things for our families, but without assistance it is not possible. The Board of Directors’ members all have full time jobs or other family obligations that take up much of our time. We are an unpaid voluntary Board with the interest of Concord Bridge at heart. If you have ideas for neighborhood activities, get volunteers to help and present your ideas to the Board. We will back legitimate activities to unite our neighbors. There were several people at the annual meeting that advised they would assist in activities and/or serving in various capacities. We encourage you to step forward with your ideas and volunteers to assist. Hopefully, we will have movie nights in the park again this year. Watch for information in the Crier, on the marquees and emails from Preferred Management. NEW MOBILE APP AND WEBSITE Preferred Management Services AAMC has created Preferred Link, a mobile app and website for your community. Get important HOA information and connect with your association. Multiple ways to join: • Text “preferredlink” to 59248 and receive a text back with a mobile app download link. • Search for the mobile app “Preferredlink” in Google Play store. • On your computer log in to: and follow the directions. 2 March 2018 | Concord Bridge Community Newsletter

DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME starts MARCH 11, 2018 spring forward !!! PROPER DISPOSAL HELPS EVERYONE! Do you know what to do with leftover used cooking oil and grease? Never wash cooking fats, oil or grease (FOG) down the drain, as they can cause the sewer line to back up into your home. If the drain clogs and causes a sewer line blockage it may cause the back up to flow onto the street and into the storm drains which flow to our bayous and eventually Galveston Bay. This material is harmful to the waterways and the creatures that live there. Recycle it Instead! The Harris County Household Hazardous Waste Facility provides a free residential FOG drop-off site for easy disposal. FOG items can be recycled into bio-diesel fuels, a feed additive for animals and other processes that save natural resources. Please do NOT mix FOG with any other items, such as automotive waste (no auto oils or lubricants) because if these are mixed they cannot be recycled. Also, please bring your FOG in a container that we can keep. This service is for residents of Harris County only. No restaurants will be serviced. VACATION WATCH Remember that our constables offer this valuable service. School is out and the kids are bored. They often are unsupervised and seek thrills in dangerous and malicious ways. If your home will be unoccupied while your family is enjoying a vacation, you can complete a vacation watch form and submit it to one of the officers patrolling in the neighborhood. There are other services available to local citizens. You can visit the appropriate website for additional information and to sign up for the available services. CONCORD BRIDGE SERVICES Services in Concord Bridge are provided by two different municipal utility districts. Areas covered and service providers are shown below. The overhead power lines running north and south through the subdivision is the dividing line between the MUD district responsibilities. HORSEPEN BAYOU MUD Concord Bridge Sections 1 through 5 and Concord Bridge North, Sections 2 and 3. • Law Enforcement Patrol - Harris County Constable Precinct 5 - 281-463-6666 • Water & Sewer Services - Municipal District Services, LLC Billing, new service, disconnect questions - 281-290-6507 Problems - 281-290-6503 • Trash collection and recycling - Texas Pride Disposal Recycle Day is Monday HARRIS COUNTY MUD 102 Concord Bridge Section 6 and Concord Bridge North Section 1. • Law Enforcement Patrol - Harris County Sheriff’s Office - 713-221-6000 • Water & Sewer Services - Municipal District Services, LLC Billing, new service, disconnect questions - 281-290-6507 Problems - 281-290-6503 • Trash Collection and recycling - WCA Waste Corporation of Texas - 281-368-8397 Recycle Day is Monday FRONT COVER PHOTOS WANTED! We are looking for great photos to use on the front cover of your newsletter! Pictures must be high quality (min 300 dpi). No cell phone photos allowed. Email photos for consideration to with the name of your subdivision, and any credits that should be published with your photo (such as a professional photographer.) Names of children and/or adults shown on the photo will be included by request only. By submitting your photo, you are giving permission to use your photo on the cover or inside your newsletter, as well as other Krenek Printing publications. Deadline for submission is the 10th of each month. The next due date will be March 10th for the April 2018 publications. Concord Bridge Community Newsletter | March 2018 3