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Glencairn March 2018


HELPFUL NUMBERS GLENCAIRN C.I.A.....ACMP 15840 FM 529 Ste. 104 Houston, TX 77095 (281)855-9867 G.C.I.A. COMMITTEES Deed Restrictions: 281-855-9867 Swim Team:Elizabeth Haag (after 4 PM) 281-814-2726 POOL RENTAL: 713-932-7665 SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT 713-221-6000 EMERGENCY (Fire, Ambulance or Police Matter) 911 VACATION WATCH 281-463-2648 Sheriff (Non-emergency ) 713- 221-6000 HC Sheriff’s Sub-Station Clay Rd 281- 463-6300 SCHOOLS Cy-Fair School District Admin. 281 897-4000 Lieder Elementary (K-5) 281 463-5928 Tipps Elementary 281-345-3350 Watkins Jr. High (6-8) 281 463-5850 Cypress Lakes 281-856-3800 KISD Administration Wolfe Elementary (K-5) 281-396-6000 281-237-2250 Cardiff Junior High (6-8) Mayde Creek Jr. High 281-234-0600 281-237-3900 Mayde Creek High School 281-237-3000 UTILITIES Electricity - Reliant Energy 713-207-7777 Street Light Outage 713-207-2222 Gas - Centerpoint - Leak 713- 659-3552 Water and Sewer -Jackrabbit PUD Billing 281-579-4500 Repair 281-398-8211 Comcast Communications 713-341-1000 Telephone - ATT 1-800-616-1171 Waste Management TRASH Pickup 1-866-909-4458 MISCELLANEOUS Poison Control 1-800-764-7661 Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center 281- 890-4285 Harris County Health Department 713- 439-6290 Animal Control (Harris County) 281- 999-3191 Clay Rd. Courthouse Annex 281- 463-2446 Harris County Pct 3 Maintenance 281- 463-6300 US Post Office (Bear Creek) 800-275-8777 Bear Creek Library 281- 550-0885 TAXING AUTHORITIES Harris County Appraisal District 713- 957-7800 ASSISTANCE HOTLINES HC Children’s Protective Services 713- 394-4000 Rape Crisis 713- 528-7273 Suicide Prevention (24 hrs) 713- 228-1505 Battered Women & Children 713- 528-5785 Crisis Hotline (24 hrs) 713- 228-1505 Alcoholics Anonymous (24 hrs) 713- 686-6300 Lost Pets 713- 999-3191 GLENCAIRN CRIME WATCH TIPS FROM OUR DEPUTIES AND P.O.V. DEPUTIES Statistics have proven that outdoor lighting of your home is one of the easiest, least costly and obvious deterrents a homeowner can utilize to help prevent becoming a victim of the crime. So, why is it that so many Glencairn residents fail to take advantage of lighting? As observed by your Contract Deputies and P.O.V. Deputies and as followed with a visual survey done, a staggering 60% of homes had no form of outdoor security lighting whatsoever. The actual information was gathered on a street by street basis. However, to report each street’s statistics would have been both lengthy in space as well as further adding to the potential of criminal activity on those darkest of streets. It is with the interest of residents that this report is given, in hopes of shedding some light (pun intended) on what is an alarming number of homes in our neighborhood without any form of outdoor lighting. In addition to lighting your home’s exterior, a clear and unobstructed view of the front and sides of your homes would best serve you, the resident, as these deputies patrol. The Deputies clearly are not suggesting residents cut down every shrub blocking any portion of your home. Many residents expend many hours of labor keeping their yards and shrubs trimmed and looking attractive. It is only their intent to remind those who need to do a little “bush-wacking” to pull out the hedge clippers and for those who need to either add to or utilize existing lighting do so. It should also be noted that in these nights of observation, far too many garage doors were left open, as well as bicycles and other valuables left outside making you an easy target for crime. One further note from your Deputies and P.O.V. Deputies, it would greatly behoove you to check and repaint as needed the street numbers marked on your curbs. This will assist any and all emergency personnel in finding your home if and when you ever needed it. PATTY HILL...CRIME WATCH COORDINATOR COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS Your Board of Directors are volunteers from your community that give up their time in an effort to make Glencairn a better place to live. More importantly, they strive to keep the property values up since your home is probably your single largest investment. We trust you will understand that Board members do not mind discussing association issues with members. We respectfully request that homeowners do not approach Board members away from Board or member meetings to discuss personal deed restriction or collection matters. The individual Board members cannot make a decision on an individual basis. It takes a majority vote of the Board to make a decision. That is why the Board meets on Mondays before the member meeting to discuss issues with members. CALL SHERIFF’S OFFICE TO REPORT AFTER HOURS & ILLEGAL ACTIVITY If your home backs up to the greenbelt, please call the Sheriff’s Office at 713-221-6000 if you see or hear suspicious people, underage drinking, graffiti artists or any activity after 10 PM, etc. Graffiti has extended to some homeowner fences and to the sidewalks. It is imperative that you call the Sheriff’s Office, give your address and explain that this area is behind your home in order to get this activity stopped. We are looking at solutions to this problem of recalcitrant teens and young people in their 20’s who have nothing better to do with their time than disobey the law and terrorize the neighbors. All common areas (the pool area, the parks, the civic center, tennis courts, etc.) in Glencairn are closed at 10 PM. After 10 PM, people at any of the common areas are in violation of the trespassing laws of Texas STREETLIGHTS OUT? Please report outages of streetlights to Centerpoint Energy. Get the pole number, as well as, the nearest street address and call 713-207- 2222. It is very important that non-working lights are reported for the safety of each of us. Call it in, call it in!. 2 March 2018 | Community Newsletter

EMAIL LIST SET UP FOR INSTANT PROBLEM NOTIFICATION If you would like to join the Glencairn Crime Watch email list, please send your name, address and telephone number along with the email, which you check frequently, to Patty Hill at The meeting for the Glencairn Crime Watch is the second Wednesday of the month. You will receive information, which has been sent to me from the Sheriff’s Office, from citizens who have observed events, etc. In addition, if you want to volunteer as a Block Captain for your street, you can do so by sending an email. Sadly, in this era of commuting and busy schedules, few of us get to know our neighbors. At one time in our history, neighbors knew when there was a problem and immediately told their neighbors. This effort will offer information as it comes to my attention. Rumors will be checked out by the Sheriff’s Office before the information is shared via email to the residents. Glencairn is doing a great job watching out for each other and calling the Sheriff’s Department to report suspicious activities, our criminal activity has steadily gone down. SLOW DOWN IN THE NEIGHBORHOODS Almost everyone is aware that the Sheriff’s Office has adopted a zero tolerance of speeding and other violations of the law with a motor vehicle. That zero tolerance has resulted in an average of 50 tickets per month issued in Glencairn. The speed limit in residential areas, by Texas law, is 30 miles per hour. There are cautionary signs regarding slower speeds on curves. There are stop signs, which indicate the vehicle must come to a complete stop. Residents of Glencairn want to see a slower pace of traffic for the protection of all-especially the children. For some reason, the people of Harris County seem to be perpetually late. A suggestion for each of us is to leave five minutes early in order to avoid the impulse to speed. Develop patience; we do not want a fatality auto-pedestrian accident in our neighborhood or any serious accident caused by thoughtless speed. Be mindful of where you are driving. PATTY HILL...CRIME WATCH COORDINATOR HARRIS COUNTY ALARM DETAIL In order to increase compliance and spread awareness, our office is requesting your assistance in informing residents in your community through your HOA newsletter or your scheduled HOA meetings of the need to obtain a permit for operating an alarm system, residential or business, within unincorporated Harris County. Many residents and businesses are unaware of the requirement to obtain an alarm permit once an alarm system has been installed and activated by the alarm company. Alarm systems are established and defined in the Local Government Code 233 (subchapter D), as well as the authority to regulate, adopt rules and impose penalties for unpermitted locations. Obtaining the required permit will avoid the issuance of a citation and excessive false alarm fees. The fee for current permit issuance is $35 with a yearly renewal fee of $10. All permit fees are waived for senior citizens 65 years or older. Under current guidelines, a permitted location is allowed five (5) free false alarms annually. Any subsequent false alarms during your permitted year are subject to a $75 fine that is billed to the permit holder’s address. If a site has an active alarm system, yet does not have a permit to operate such alarm, a false alarm may result in a Class C citation, which could range up to $500. Should you or your residents require a copy of the permit application form or would like to review the regulations regarding permit requirements, you may do so by visiting the Harris County Sheriff’s Office website at www.hcso.hctx./net. The application can be printed from the website, then completed and mailed to our office with the applicable fees. We are currently in the planning stages of making the application and payment process available on-line for the convenience to the public. Should you have any questions, please contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Alarm Detail at 713-755-4600 M-F, 8 AM - 5 PM. If you would like any of our Alarm Detail personnel to attend one of your HOA meetings, we would be glad to attend and answer as many questions as possible. Community Newsletter | March 2018 LIFEGUARDS NEEDED We at A-Beautiful Pools, Inc. are so excited to be your pool company this season. A-Beautiful Pools, Inc. is now hiring lifeguards for community pools in our area for the Summer 2018 season. Professional lifeguard training is provided as part of the hiring process. 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