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Westgate March 2018


6 STEVE TOUCHY Attorney At Law Serving Businesses and Families Since 1983 Copperfield/Cypress • Wills • Trusts • Probate • Divorce • Employment • Adoption • Consumer Law • Incorporation • Collections • Partnership • Liens • Real Estate • Commercial Law Forever Landscape • Tree Trimming • Tree Removal • Tree Fertilizer • Stump Grinding • Trim Bushes • Flower Bed Design • Planting, Renovation • Stone Border • Pavers Call Everth 281-858-0700 15840 FM 529, Suite 280 Houston, Texas 77095 Located in the Chase Bank Building on FM 529 Amelia Norabuena • Flat Stones • Drain System • Garden Soil, Top Soil • Grass Installation • Lawn Aeration • Lawn Dethatcher • Mulch • Clean Gutters • Wood Fence 281-891-0370 Visit us at Fully insured for your protection. Free Estimates MAID SERVICES 281-912-5036 Do You Know Your Deed Restrictions? In an effort to educate our residents, we’ll periodically highlight some deed restriction or other item that needs improvement in Westgate: In the Declaration of Covenants,…, Article VII, section P., pg. 25: It’s the responsibility of each resident “to prevent the development of any unclean, unhealthy, unsightly or unkempt condition …” Also, Article IX, section A, pg. 34: “Each Owner shall maintain and keep in good repair his or her Dwelling and all structures…” Spring is a great time to do all those chores around the house that make our homes look great and keep them in good shape. Some “honey-do” list items are as follows: • powerwashing the driveway and sidewalks • powerwashing the siding of the house to remove any mildew (especially on the side facing north) • trimming bushes and trees • weeding flowerbeds • refinishing a faded front door • removing and replacing dead grass, trees, shrubs • cleaning out the gutters • replacing broken screens • fixing fences Following these instructions helps keep our neighborhood looking neat and thus keeps up our property values. Home condition tends to be a contagious condition-good or bad. Let’s be considerate of our neighbors! COPIES OF ALL WESTGATE FOUNDING DOCUMENTS (including the ARC form) can be downloaded from the Westgate website www.westgatetx. net. They are located under the HOA tab. Procedure When Filing a Report with the Sheriff’s Dept. If you ever have to file a report with the Sheriff’s Department, whether after calling 911 or the nonemergency number (713-221-6000), be sure to let the deputy know that Westgate has a contract with the Sheriff’s Dept. through our MUD district (Harris County MUD #70). That way, the incident will be reported to our contract deputies, giving them information on what to look for in our community. Also, be sure to report the issue to our Crime Watch committee at They discuss the problems with our deputies as well. Recommended Tradespeople List on the Westgate Facebook Page Have you ever needed to call someone for repairs or to have work done, but you didn’t want to just pick someone out of the yellow pages? Well, we’ve begun a document that is our neighborhood’s personal “Angie’s List:” “Recommended Tradespeople And Businesses.” All people and businesses listed on it are recommended by people in Westgate who have had personal experiences with them. We also have a list for businesses actually owned by Westgate residents called “Westgate Residents who provide Services.” If you are a resident who owns a business, provide a description of your services, price range, history of your business, etc. Support your neighbors by checking it out; you might find what you need very close to home! To access the documents, go to and search for “Westgate Subdivision.” Look at the top of the page under “Files” and you’ll see them there! Add yours to the list! Streetlight Outages Report streetlight outages to Center Point Energy at www. or 713-207-2222. Let’s keep our community safe. You will need the pole number, the black and white numbers listed vertically on the pole, to report the outage. If no pole number is listed, on the website you can use the GIS map listed on the website link above. March 2018 | Westgate

Stay Up to Date with Westgate News To get the latest information on what’s happening in Westgate, be sure to check our other Westgate sources: 1. The WESTGATE WEBSITE, 2. The Westgate FACEBOOK page is Westgate’s official Social Media outlet for information (on Facebook, search for “WESTGATE SUBDIVISION Official” and you must sign up); you can find goodies like pictures of our events, HOA information, etc. If you have trouble finding it on Facebook, type this into your address bar: WestgateSubdivision/. Within a day or two, you will then be asked to verify your address, as it is a residents-only group. Look for this in your “messages” section at the top left of the page and you may be asked to accept a message. 3. Send questions to the WESTGATE HOA EMAIL, Your Neighborhood Plumber Aaron’s Up-front Pricing $25 OFF With this Ad Since 1974 LIC. 17773 Complete Plumbing & Drain Service We Welcome Your Questions • Open 7 Days a Week 281-444-2000 The newsletter only comes out once a month and information is a month old, so the other methods are used when something happens last minute and if you missed the newsletter. Harris County Sheriff’s Office Information Westgate Subdivision falls within District 4 of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department. Suspicious behavior should be called in to the Non- Emergency number, general questions should be directed to the Patrol District Office and emergencies should always call 911: NON-EMERGENCY NUMBER: 713-221-6000 (Option 1 for dispatch) PATROL DISTRICT OFFICE: 281-463-2648 (for general information only) 16715 Clay Road Houston, TX 77084 EMERGENCY: 9-1-1 (emergencies only) Teenage Job Seekers If you are between 12 and 18 and would like to be added to the teenage job seeker’s list, please fill out the form on our website (www., click submissions and choose Jobseekers) with your name, birthdate (mo. & yr.), phone number, year you will graduate and the name of your newsletter/subdivision. Check the list of jobs you want on your form. Please make sure your email is correct, we send emails in the summer to make sure all the info is still good and that you want to stay on the list. If we do not hear back from you after 3 tries, we will remove you from the list until we do. Must have parent(s) permission. DISCLAIMER Neither the subdivision, nor Krenek Printing is responsible for those listed on the Teenage Job Seeker List. Please ask for and check out references if you do not personally know those listed. This is just a list of teenagers from the subdivision who wish to find part time jobs. Responsibility for any work done by these teenagers is between those seeking helpers and the teens and their parents. CODE KEY: B - BABYSITTING, CPR - CPR CERT., FAC - FIRST AID CERT., RCC - RED CROSS CERT., SS - SAFE SITTER, SL - SWIM LESSONS, PP - PET/PLANT SITTER, P - PET CARE ONLY, H - HOUSE CARE, L - LAWN CARE, C- CAR CARE/DETAILING, T - TUTORING TEENAGE JOB SEEKERS NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE Come Experience the Transforming Power and the Accepting Love of Jesus Christ Building the Kingdom of God - Together! Join Us for Holy Week and Easter Maundy Thursday: 7:00 pm Good Friday: Stations of the Cross at Goforth Park 9:30 am Liturgy 7:00 pm Easter Sunday: 8:00am and 10:30am Egg hunts after each service 17020 West Rd. @ Queenston Houston, TX 77095 • 281.463.7330 Westgate | March 2018 7