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Heilind Always Believes In Having Physical-Ready Inventory as its Biggest Asset

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available on the web to make it more accessible to the market. 9.Unlike other distributors, Heilind has been pioneering in the interconnection and electromechanical market, is the company looking into to expand or rather explore new verticals? We are looking into the sensor market and have added new lines such as Sensata Technologies, Amphenol Sensors and TE connectivity Sensors to fuel this growth in this market and we have also hire a Sensor Business Development Manager to help explore into this new verticals. 10.What are the vital propositions Heilind looks into before singing distribution agreements with new distributors? Question 10, we are distributor ourselves, so this question is not applicableto us. 11.Can you share an anecdote of Heilind’s last fiscal journey and what growth expectation and strategies is the company looking into the next fiscal year? We have manage to outgrowth our own expectation as well as that of our competition in the last fiscal year, this year we are embarking of the Mil-Aerospace and Sensor verticals as part of our growth strategies to continue to grow the company to the next level 12.What is the key USP of Heilind which keeps them ahead in the growing competitive market? Our key USP would be to continue Heilind’s forte in the distribution of Interconnect & Electromechanical Products. We pride ourselves as a stocking distributor and we stock up inventory to cater for our customers’ future needs. We have 3 warehouses (Hong Kong, Singapore and Suzhou) to cater to our customers’ needs, shorten suppliers’ lead-times and to ensure on time delivery to them in different parts of Asia. We are also able to trade in US$ but also in the customer’s currency of choice. Customers can also order/check inventory online via our Estore for greater convenience. 13.Lastly, How important is Indian market for Heilind and how do it foresee to expand in this bullish market? India is a very important market for us, we expect India to see double digit growth this year and we would be expanding into more cities in India by adding new offices and people. PDF generated automatically by the PDFmyURL HTML to PDF API

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