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BEDFORD SQUARE Westport, Connecticut David Adam Realty David Waldman Centerbrook Architects Mark Herter AIA, LEED AP BD+C Jefferson B. Riley, FAIA THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE Located near the coast in southern Connecticut, the town of Westport has recently had new life injected into its downtown area. Bedford Square is an exciting mix of retail shops, dining opportunities, and beautiful living spaces. For Westport residents, it’s already becoming an important part of the community. Developer David Waldman has seen the entire project evolve, after over a decade of work and planning. ” “Having the restaurants in there, having entertainment, and having the ability to connect many different buildings . . . It still has such an interest that people find themselves milling about.” “I think once you see the unique stores that are moving in, it’ll take on kind of a different life to it. And through a lot of help with a lot of great partners we were able to pull it off at Bedford Square.” - David Waldman CONNECTION TO THE COMMUNITY MARVIN I THE DIFFERENCE IS OUR EXPERTISE

TIES TO HISTORY The original Bedford mansion, where Anthropologie now sits, was built by the Bedfords in the 1920s to serve the community as a YMCA. Over time, the YMCA expanded, absorbing its neighbor the old firehouse, also built by the Bedfords. The YMCA moved to a new location in 2006, but the property remains a recognizable and well-loved part of the community. It’s that community feeling that’s made Westport an appealing place not only for traditional working families, but a variety of noteworthy artists, actors, and musicians as well. Paul Newman called Westport his home, as does Martha Stewart. And in the same tradition, Bedford Square is bringing people from different walks of life together, organically. THE ART OF LIVING CLOSELY TOGETHER According to Architect Jeff Riley, creating a melting pot of activity was part of the plan from the very beginning. INSPIRATION FUSION OF ART & CULTURE ” “The art of living close together is an important art to regain. It’s really wonderful when you’re looking out across from your terrace and you wave good morning. . . and you come downstairs and you have your cup of coffee in a little courtyard with other people, walking through and getting their cup of coffee, and reading the paper, and there’s a social interaction. That is a wonderful thing to regain and that’s what Bedford Square is doing.” - Jeff Riley MARVIN I THE DIFFERENCE IS OUR EXPERTISE

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