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HISTORIC A FINE BLEND OF STYLES A CUSTOM SOLUTION BY MARVIN Throughout the renovation and new construction, special attention would need to be focused on preserving Bedford Square’s cherished historic look. According to architect Mark Herter, going with Marvin was an easy choice. The original windows were steel windows, single pane, and non-insulated. “There was a lot of back and forth discussion, and multiple months of reviews talking about the best approach,” says Herter. “Ultimately the lead caning on the exterior was the solution, and it did a beautiful job of matching the historic image ” of the existing building.” - Mark Herter MARVIN I THE DIFFERENCE IS OUR EXPERTISE

A SPACE TO EXPERIENCE BY MARVIN Because of the way history has been preserved in the downtown area of Westport, in many ways a visit to Bedford Square feels like you’re stepping back in time. “When you’re inside one of the apartments, it’s magical. You feel like you’re in a little conservatory and you’re looking out over the rooftops of Westport and it’s really wonderful,” says Jeff Riley. “You literally feel like you’re in some little European Village.” THE VIEW A LITTLE EUROPEAN VILLAGE MARVIN I THE DIFFERENCE IS OUR EXPERTISE

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