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CBJ's Lure 3.2018

Iowa City Landscaping &

Iowa City Landscaping & Garden Center 520 HWY. 1 WEST, IOWA CITY Laura Schmitz, garden center manager: "We sell a lot of glazed pottery," while a "dark basalt" line in terra cotta pots by Ceramo USA is among other planters gaining in popularity. "It's a different choice for more of a traditional look. It's very versatile." PHOTOS CERAMO USA Pierson's Flower Shop & Greenhouses 1800 ELLIS BLVD. NW, CEDAR RAPIDS Al Pierson, owner: "Pacific Home and Garden imports glazed ceramic; some have more of a stone feel. The glaze is colorful and consistent, with different patterns and finishes. A tall ceramic pot is really popular now. In front of a house, it makes a big statement." PHOTO PACIFIC HOME AND GARDEN 22 LURE SPRING 2018

Culver's Garden Center and Gift Shop 1682 DUBUQUE ROAD, MARION Jennifer Shull, business development manager: "Our customers love finding statement pieces to add to their homes. With pottery, the color is always there, whereas flowering plants may not always be showing color. You can add a green fern to a stunning planter and still have brilliant color." PHOTOS CULVER’S GARDEN CENTER MOW THE DISTANCE SALES EVENT MARCH 16-24, 2018 SHOWN: GRAVELY ProTurn 460 Air-Ride Seat Yamaha 33HP Call us for maximum discounts on Gravely ProTurn Mowers City Tractor Co. 645 Penn Ct. North Liberty, IA 319-665-6500 Interior Design | Furniture | Gifts 331 Kirkwood Avenue | Iowa City 351-4653 | Hours: M-F 10-5 LURE SPRING 2018 23