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CBJ's Lure 3.2018

Great Gadgets In

Great Gadgets In conjunction with her cooking classes, Nina Swan-Kohler owns a small kitchen equipment and gadget boutique. We asked her for a sampling of must-haves. Herb Mill, $24 Anyone can chop herbs to perfection with a twist of the wrist. Pastry Board & Cloth, $28.50 Get at pie crusts and pizza dough from every angle with this easy-tomanipulate pastry board. Jarkey, $5.50 If you have trouble opening jars, this Jarkey is the tool for you. Gently pop the lid and open your jar with ease. Garlic Press, $22 No peeling, no sticky fingers. Simply crush garlic and swipe it right into the pan. Pastry Blender, $10 With a built-in tine cleaner, you never have to deal with clumps again. For more information, visit: 28 LURE SPRING 2018

The Right Choices As a culinary pro, Nina is frequently asked about her appliance choices. The most frequently asked question is about cooktops: Why an electric glass cooktop? Why not gas? “I’m happy with my electric cooktop,” she said. “I had the opportunity to ask the head of appliance testing at Good Housekeeping for her recommendations. She told me that based on their testing, electric and gas cooktops are equally efficient, so it was an easy choice for me to make.” Nina recently replaced her original four-burner cooktop with an LG model that has five burners. Fisher and Paykel DishDrawer dishwashers were a fairly new concept when the house was built. Nina loves being able to do smaller loads at a time. She also likes having two convection ovens. “The advantage is shortened baking time and more even browning, plus it provides a better crust and more rise to baked goods,” she said. Nina is currently a field tester for Blue Star builtin refrigerators. With full-width shelves, the fridge in the second kitchen can hold very large ingredient trays and lots of foods and beverages. Her advice to anyone considering a kitchen remodel is to keep an open mind about what you like and your “must-haves.” “Just because everyone else has something doesn’t mean you have to have it. Make your own statement.” | Nina prefers electric cooktops which are easy to clean and just as efficient as cooking with gas. (800) 247-5088 • 724 48th Ave., Amana IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER. STYLISH HOME DECOR, FRESH NEW LINES OF UPHOLSTERED & WOOD CRAFTED FURNITURE, AND MODERN TEXTILES. COME SEE WHAT'S NEW IN OUR SHOWROOM. (800) 222-6430 • 800 48th Ave., Amana LURE SPRING 2018 29