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CBJ's Lure 3.2018

Back to the Family

Back to the Family Business Ben and Jennie met while attending college at West Point. As commissioned officers in the U.S. Army, they both saw active duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. Between the two, they deployed six times in four years before returning to the Iowa City area to join Jennie’s family business, PSC Distribution, formerly known as Plumbers Supply Co., and the Studio H2O showroom on South Riverside Drive. Having their hands in the construction and design industry was a big help when building their dream home, Jennie said. “Being able to go to work every day and bounce ideas off on our team made it so much more exciting,” she said. “And my husband, he was great. He had opinions on maybe three things and the rest he said, ‘Have fun.’ I really wanted functional, yet fun.” When they host larger groups, there’s plenty of space for everyone to gather around the island as Jennie intentionally left plenty of space between the surrounding cabinets — almost four feet, to be exact. “I wanted a wider walkway than normal,” she said. “When everyone is hanging out there, we’re not tripping over each other.” > Above: Jennie and Ben Wunderlich help daughters Samantha and Gwen with their homework at the kitchen island. Left: The kitchen overlooks the rolling hills of the rural Iowa City countryside. 6 LURE SPRING 2018

Personal Touches The functional yet fun theme is everywhere you turn — from strategically placed electrical outlets, to a drawer that hides kitchen utensils upright in stainless canisters. The theme extends to the real showpieces of the space, the farmhouse sink, the door of the walk-in pantry and the marble backsplash. The sink, which was purchased through Studio H2O, is hammered copper with brushed nickel plating. The nickel overlay was in keeping with the stainless steel and gray theme. The hammered effect is perfect for their active family. “The hammering hides things,” she said. “We are tough on things, tossing dishes in the sink on our way out the door. I needed something that if my kids drop a cereal bowl in here, the cereal bowl will live.” The white marble backsplash from Sobaski Abbey Carpet & Floor in Iowa City is truly a focal point. Its arabesque pattern is eyecatching and complements the white quartz countertops, white cabinets and stainlesssteel appliances. The walk-in pantry meets the family’s need for lots of storage space, and does the trick by hiding things such as seldom-used appliances and non-perishables behind a rustic barn board door that slides on an overhead track. The wood was salvaged from a barn in Eastern Iowa, and was retrieved by the Wunderliches themselves. “We drove to Dubuque, all three kiddos in the back of our suburban, and the entire barn door,” Jennie said. “It was over all the kids’ heads and we drove back like that. We could barely see them peeking out.” After using the kitchen for almost a year, Jennie can’t think of anything she would change. “We’re fairly easy to please. Maybe that’s from deploying a lot or that we feel really blessed to be alive,” she said. “We’re so thankful to be here. This is a dream come true, a gorgeous house, but in the big scheme of life it’s just a house. We’re raising our kids here, we’re making memories here. I absolutely love it.” | The white marble backsplash complements the white quartz countertops, white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. LURE SPRING 2018 7