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For the Love of the Riesling - Falzflyer - Mittelrhein Riesling Charta

englische Version des Falzflyers "Aus Liebe zum Riesling"

For the Love of the Riesling - Falzflyer - Mittelrhein Riesling

Tempted? Masters of their Craft: The Charta Winemakers The Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site Charta Rieslings and profile wines from the Middle Rhine with the seal of quality are available: • at selected inns and restaurants • via the website • or direct from the Charta wine-makers Mittelrhein-Wein e.V. Dolkstraße 19 • 56346 St. Goarshausen Tel. 06743/1585 The work in the vineyards is a creative process. Charta winemakers are artists who craft their Rieslings using a blend of tradition, skill and heartfelt passion to produce a cultural treasure. Choose your Charta winemaker from among the following: Weingut Bahles, Kaub Weingut Dietrich-Becker, Oberwesel Weingut und Destillerie Fetz, Dörscheid Weinhaus »Zur Fledermaus«, Bacharach Weingut Hillesheim, Kaub Weingut Hans Jürgen Jost, Bacharach Weingut Klein, Oberheimbach Weingut Königshof, Boppard Weingut Albert Lambrich, Oberwesel Weingut Goswin Lambrich, Oberwesel Weingut Lithos, Oberwesel Weingut Lorenz, Boppard Weingut am Löwenkopf, Kaub Weingut Walter Perll, Boppard Weingut Klemens Persch, Oberwesel Weingut Winfried Persch, Oberwesel Weingut Bernhard Praß, Bacharach Weingut Ratzenberger, Bacharach Weingut Scheidgen, Hammerstein Weingut Selt, Leutesdorf Weingut Stahl, Oberwesel Weingut Weiler-Fendel, Oberwesel Home of our Charta winemakers. For the Love of Riesling Sponsor members: Romantik Hotel Schloss Rheinfels, St. Goar Weinhotel Landsknecht, St. Goar Gasthaus Stahl, Oberwesel Landhotel Blücher, Dörscheid Friendly supported by: