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“Our goal has been to

“Our goal has been to restore all of Warren Manning’s gardens, and the Lagoon is the last garden that needs restoration.” -Mark Gilles A BUSY YEAR For Historic Restoration and ARRC, Inc. The Historic Structures department and ARRC, Inc. are already very busy this year, working on restoration throughout the estate as well as in the community. In the Carriage House, the Tier 2 restoration of doors and windows is almost completed. Zinc came glass in the second floor conference room, admissions and the orientation room were removed in January by Whitney Stained Glass, who is now restoring them. The windows will be re-installed by the time we open for the season. The Tier 2 restoration also includes replacing the French doors that connect the Carriage House Auditorium to the tent. When the auditorium was created in 1962, windows in what was originally the garage were removed and replaced with doors that led to a new patio. New French doors will be replicated with glazing and stain to match the zinc caming of the original windows being restored in the Carriage House. The Tea Houses restoration project, including the cliff face stabilization and restoration of the Hidden Aspect should be completed by the beginning of the wedding season this spring. The Hidden Aspect re-opened last year and the cliff face stabilization testing showed the cliff face to be in better-than-expected shape. After the Tea Houses restoration is completed, the next project is to drain, remove silt and reline the Lagoon with clay “mats,” to correct a water leakage problem. Before the Lagoon can be drained the gate valve – 12 feet below the surface of the Lagoon – must be restored. “It’s never been opened, as far as we know,” according to Mark Gilles. Once the sluiceway is restored, the Duck Pond can accept the water as it drains from the Lagoon. This project will begin later this year and continue into 2019. Stan Hywet’s for-profit company, ARRC, Inc. is also busy with several large external projects, serving both residential and commercial customers. Stay tuned as this work can soon provide an additional source of financial support for Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens. 14 STANHYWET.ORG

MEET THE TEAM SEAN JOYCE President Oversees the firm providing strategic direction and management. He also is President & Executive Director of Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens. EMILY CRAWFORD Restoration Associate Design associate with ARRC’s design services and provides restoration consultation. MARK GILLES Vice President, Registered Architect Directs ARRC’s design services, provides restoration consultation, and serves as manager for construction management services to Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens. Perry Bacino Project Manager Brings 35 years’ experience in commercial and residential construction management. He’s developed a broad range of expertise including remodeling, new construction, sustainability and green building, and tree service and landscaping. STANHYWET.ORG 15

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