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Health & Wellness Now & Then: FADS vs. FIXES Google health & wellness trends 2018 and what pops up are sites with information on diets for weight loss, products to use as a path to better health, a focus on where our food comes from and if it’s sustainably produced, wearable technology, and the benefits of traditional medicine (herbal remedies, essential oils and aromatherapy) as part of a healthy lifestyle. The early part of the 20th century was no different. There were diet (“reducing”) fads, gadgets and gimmicks for weight loss, medical cures and elixirs. Long before the advent of antibiotics, the early 1910s had its own share of self-improvement ideas for better mental and spiritual health. Health & Wellness, A Life Well Lived examines how the Seiberlings maintained a healthy lifestyle (physically, mentally and spiritually) using the beliefs and ideas of the times, and the ways F.A. Seiberling’s beliefs also influenced the well-being of Goodyear employees. The Estate was thoughtfully planned so that the Seiberlings could maintain good health with a fully-equipped gymnasium, indoor pool (The Plunge) and sleeping porches (breathing fresh air was thought to stave off many illnesses). The importance of exercise to the family includes a display of sports equipment used for swimming, ice skating, horseback riding, hockey and more. The Plunge will feature an exhibit of vintage bathing suits, as well as information on the Plunge’s water filtration system. Guests touring the Manor House will learn about early 20th Century trends in food, health and wellness, and importantly, how the Seiberlings interpreted these ideas for their own healthful self-improvement — physically, mentally and spiritually. In the Adams Bedroom, a changing exhibit space will display “Fads vs. Fixes” with some of the more curious gadgets and medical cures thought to promote health back then. Gertrude’s Dressing Room will display “fashion and health” displaying the less cinched, less structured silhouette of 1920s women’s clothing, designed so that the modern woman could participate in sports. Where and how do 4 STANHYWET.ORG

Health & Wellness Today: Yoga on the West Terrace In the spirit of this year’s theme of health & wellness, Stan Hywet is offering Yoga on the West Terrace the first Sunday of the month May – September and October 14. Instructors from Yoga Lounge & Barre will teach participants all levels of vinyasa flow yoga practice in the beauty of the West Terrace of the Manor House. Guests may then unwind with a leisurely stroll through the historic gardens. Pre-register at See page 22 in the calendar for ticket information. Culinary Garden o edible plants, especially herbs and spices grow? Just beyond the butterfly habitat on the south side of the Corbin Conservatory greenhouse is a new garden with a focus on all things culinary. Greenhouse manager Joe Mihalik is planting a variety of perennials, annuals and tropical plants used for cooking and medicinal purposes. Look for scented geraniums with their edible flowers; turmeric, hyssop, vanilla vine, black pepper plant (also a vine), horseradish, oregano, basil and many other plants. The “superfood” acai berry grows on a palm tree from South America – this tree will be featured in the Culinary Garden. Other plants in the garden include a medlar tree, part of the rose family with a fruit similar to persimmon and used in jams; and the tropical plant piper auritum with leaves that taste similar to anise, and are used in Mexican cooking. Not only is fast growing Moringa oleifera used as a nutritious food source, the pressed seeds are used for water purification, and powder created from its leaves is used as soap for hand washing, because of its anti-septic and detergent properties. Explore this new garden on your next visit to Stan Hywet. STANHYWET.ORG 5

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