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VICTORIA STREET PROPERTIES_Sale Flyer_Final March 2 2018

Centrally located close to historical downtown Revelstoke, British Columbia, the Victoria Street Residences are a perfect stepping off point to access the services and amenities that Revelstoke has to offer. Inquire for more information on ownership.

Imagine ownership of a

Imagine ownership of a home in one of North America's newest and most in demand resort towns.... Victoria Street Residences are not only affordable, they can be used in so many ways. Now imagine the possibilities .... OPTION A. LIVE. WORK. PLAY! Life in Revelstoke has drawn visitors from around the world who have come for the snow and stayed for the lifestyle. Life in Revelstoke is exciting and invigorating. Surrounded by mountains, lakes and streams, the outdoor adventure options are endless. As the town diversifies, more and more types of employment opportunities are being created; and you would not be the first to work from home and commute from Revelstoke to major destinations via Kelowna's International Airport. With a year-round population of 7,500, it doesn't take much time to feel like a member of the community. Being central to historic downtown Revelstoke makes life simple, with cafes, shops, restaurants and local watering holes just a few minutes walk away. IT'S THAT EASY! OPTION B. COME FOR A GOOD TIME... NOT A LONG TIME. Until the release of the Victoria Street Residences, a vacation property in Revelstoke has been a dream for many and a possibility for few. Affordable pricing, combined with a selected group of professional strata managers and property managers, makes vacation property ownership easy and accessible. With proven rental revenue success, Victoria Street Residences are ideal for long-term rentals and incremental rental revenue generating, when you're not enjoying the home yourself. YOUR HOME, WORKING FOR YOU. 2017 Forbes Magazine Names Revelstoke In The Top Ski Resorts In North America

OPTION C. CALL IT HOME. ANYTIME. You've made the right choice to vacation in Revelstoke - it's a place where you can choose your own adventure every day of the week, or simply escape from it all. If you don't need to worry about generating rental revenues and want the ease of coming and going on your ever-changing schedule or perhaps when the snow flies, then go with the simplicity of 'lock-and-leave' ownership. When in town, enjoy your space. Perhaps call ahead to a concierge service and have the refrigerator stocked or just simply arrive...your home is available and waiting. Enjoy your escape time, winter or summer and upon leaving, just lock and leave. It will all be here waiting for you the next time.