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controLED controLED PLC

controLED controLED PLC System controLED is an industrial LED lighting control system designed by SilverSun. Based on the up-to-date PLC technology, controLED lighting system does not need any additional communication bus or wireless network but adopting existing power line to organize the reliable lamp networking. Whole net or group dimming One-click scene switch Time schedule Only with one touch screen and via the efficient and simplified controLED software interface, the users can easily manage and monitor all lamps existing in one industrial plant. Lamp status monitoring Power statistics Lamp thermal management PLC will not be interfered by any building structure or complicated electrical environment and never brings any wireless RF signal. Thence, on the basis of ensuring reliable operation of itself, controLED shall not have any impact on power line and wireless communication. SUB-CONTROLLER. One sub-controller is able to support single or multiple lamps. When one sub-controller pairs with multiple lamps, total lamps shall be no more than 5 pieces and total power lower than 1,300 wattage. MAIN CONTROLLER. This one touch screen can conduct the centralized management and intelligent control towards LED lamps to realize free grouping, oneclick scene switch, single lamp real-time monitoring, automatic dimming and other functions. One intelligent controller can support more than 400 pieces sub-controller. Longest distance for point-to-point communication, which is the distance between main controller and the cable of its closest controller, or cable distance between one lamp and another, is up to 1 kilometer. 100 SILVERSUN BY SILBERSONNE

1-10V 90 V 265 V AC Max. 1300W MAIN CONTROLLER SUBCONTROLLER Reference maincontrol subcontrol Screen 10’ LCD resistance-type - CPU ARM 32-bit Cortex-M3 - Finish Black - Electrical data Power (W) 12 0,5 Maximum capacity 400 subcontrollers 5 luminaires or 1300W Working voltage (V) 90-265 AC 90-265 AC Connection 3-phase - Dimming (V) 1-10 - PLC data Protocol DL/T645-1997 - Modulation mode OFDM - Center frequency (kHz) 315 - Maximum bandwith (kHz) 50 - Communication rate (kbps) 150 - Max. output voltage Conform to DT/L698 - Receive sensitivity (mV)

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