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LIGHT REGULATOR 27mm 72mm 40mm 4,2mm 69,5mm 77,5mm 15mm 23,5mm The light regulator measures the illuminance at the target area through the light sensor. It calculates the amount of luxes required to achieve the pre-defined intensity. The regulator switches off the lamp automatically when the amount of light perceived is higher than the target lux value, and switches on again when the natural light is below this value. MOTION SENSOR 45mm 4,2mm 86,5mm 102mm 28mm Sensor switches on the light at 100% only when motion is detected and there is not natural light. After hold-time light switches off. If no motion is detected, light dims to an stand-by level after the hold-time. Finally, light switches off after the standby period elapsed. 102 SILVERSUN BY SILBERSONNE

1-10V IP 20 LIGHT REGULATOR MOTION SENSOR Reference CL001SOCL SP0002C Electrical data Power (W) 0,6-1,2 0,5 Maximum load 240V 400W 800W (capacitive) 2000W (resistive) Working voltage (V) 110-277 AC 220-240 AC Microwave power (mW) -

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