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Symbology IP XX Degree

Symbology IP XX Degree of IP protection - In accordance with standard EN 60598-1, luminaires are classified on the basis of the protection derived from their elements of construction. The degree of protection is indicated by the letters IP followed by a 3-figure number, through only the first two numbers are shown. IP XX 1st figure: Indicates the protection of the material against the entry of foreign bodies and dust, as well of people coming into contact with live parts in the device. 0 - Not protected. 1 - Protected against foreign objects >50mm. 2 - Protected against foreign objects >12mm. 3 - Protected against foreign objects >2.50mm. 4 - Protected against foreign objects >1mm. 5 - Dust protected. 6 - Completely dust-tight. IP XX 2nd figure: Indicates the protection of the material against the entry of moisture. 0 - Not protected. 1 - Protected against vertically falling drops of water. 2 - Protected against water drops with the housing title at 15º with respect to the vertical. 3 - Protected against rain. 4 - Protected against splashing. 5 - Protected against jets of water. 6 - Protected against powerful water jets. 7 - Protected against temporary immersion. 8 - Submersible material. WF X KV XX CRI XX Degree of WF protection - Indicates the anti-corrosion degree of the luminaire. The higher the value, the greater the protection. Protection degree from electrical surges and voltage spikes. The higher the value, the greater the protection. Colour Rendering Index - Relates to the way objects appear under a given light source. A low CRI indicates that objects may appear unnatural under the source, while a light with a high CRI rating will allow an object’s colours to appear more natural. The maximum value of the CRI of a source is equal to 100. Light sources providing a CRI over 80 are considered as excellent for colour recognition. UGR “Unified glare rating” - The UGR value is a dimensionless parameter which provides information about XX the use of the received energy to produce work, in this case light. It is expressed between -1 and 1. EEL Energy consumption category. A + Dimmable luminaire. 1-10V Lumen DIP-switch. - CCT changeable. ºK - + Lm + 104 SILVERSUN BY SILBERSONNE

s ØXXX Øxxx Øxxx xxx*xxx Hole size for recessing in milimeters. Light control through touch panel. max X Maximum number of connectable units in one power line. Max. xxxxW Maximum distance among connectable units in one power line. 3 3-phase rail compatible. xxxº Rotative end cap. Halo light direction. Luminaire with motion sensor. Batería xH Maximum battery time in emergency mode. xº xxº Adjustable angle of the luminaire or accessory. Product with TÜV certification. Product with DLC certification. Product with ETL certification. Product with SAA certification. LIGHTING CATALOGUE 2018 105

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