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▲ Mantrac Acra Ghana ▼ Van der Linden Transport Waalwijk The Netherlands 24 SILVERSUN BY SILBERSONNE

AISLE HIGH BAY Perfect solution for warehouses with racks Warehouses with high shelves require a specific type of luminaire with a special angle to maximize the luminous flux and avoid scattering and shadows. With IP65 protection, an advanced cooling system, the possibility of connecting it to a regulator and motion sensor, and with a high efficiency of 130lm/W, SilverSun aisle high bays are the perfect lighting solution for this kind of facilities. Product features ▪ Up to 140lm/W ultra high light efficiency. ▪ Anti-corrosion coating surface with IP65. ▪ High quality materials and optional version with regulator and motion sensor, increasing economic and energy savings. Applications ▪ Warehouses ▪ Factories Optional version with motion sensor LIGHTING CATALOGUE 2018 25

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