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▲ Froster Waalwijk The

▲ Froster Waalwijk The Netherlands ▼ Fire station Breda The Netherlands 28 SILVERSUN BY SILBERSONNE

T8 TUBE Ideal energy saving alternative SilverSun tubes are an ideal energy saving alternative to existing linear fluorescent luminaires. The high efficiency of up to 140 lm/W means less electricity is consumed to generate high quality light efficiently. The series has a fully enclosed design that delivers a robust and refined appearance with an instant start function. Product features ▪ Compatible with traditional magnetic ballast for the T8 fluorescent. ▪ Rotating endcap with lock function: useful and reliable. ▪ Easy to fit by hand: simply replace the old tube and exchange the given starter. Applications ▪ Warehouses ▪ Factories ▪ Supermarkets ▪ Sport centers ▪ Parking lots ▪ Car workshops ▪ Hospitals ▪ Offices LIGHTING CATALOGUE 2018 29

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