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INTEGRAL FIXTURE Water, dust and corrosion-proof Integral fixture means waterproof, dustproof, corrosionproof and vaporproof made by latest LED technology and high density PVC body. Integrated streamline tube structure makes the light more even and soft. SilverSun fixtures are the perfect energy saving alternative to traditional T5/T8 fluorescent tri-proof lamp. Product features ▪ High energy efficiency light source and constant current output design greatly improve the lifespan. ▪ The internal light uses anti-seismic materials to keep work in various high frequency. ▪ Emergency function makes the luminaire work up to 3 hours. Applications ▪ Warehouses ▪ Factories ▪ Supermarkets ▪ Sport centers ▪ Parking lots ▪ Car workshops Optional version with emergency function LIGHTING CATALOGUE 2018 37

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