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▲ Aviva Stadium Dublin

▲ Aviva Stadium Dublin Ireland ▼ Port Hamburg Germany 44 SILVERSUN BY SILBERSONNE

HIGH MAST FLOOD LIGHT Powerful outdoor lighting SilverSun high mast flood lights have been designed to be installed many meters above the ground. They provide high leves of luminosity and more narrow beam angles to focus the light and avoid scattering. The design allows an easy instalaltion on light poles and its LED modules are adjustable to get a greater focus of light. Product features ▪ Anti-corrosion coating surface and IP66 design. ▪ Reliable and high efficiency LED drivers ▪ Luminous flux of more than 150.000 lumens on its more powerful version and efficacy of 130 lm/W. ▪ Installation that saves time and work thanks to the assembly without tools and the exclusive design of the separate power supply’s compartment. Applications ▪ Football stadiums ▪ Golf courses ▪ Merchant ports ▪ Hangars LIGHTING CATALOGUE 2018 45

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