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▲ Mobil gas station

▲ Mobil gas station Texas Unites States ▼ Shell gas station Brighton England 48 SILVERSUN BY SILBERSONNE

CANOPY LIGHT Visibility and security for gas stations SilverSun canopy light provides an energy efficient and robust means for lighting areas with canopies, such as gas stations. Attractive, efficient lighting is essential for creating the right visibility, appearance, safety and ambience for customers visiting petrol stations at night. SilverSun canopy lights achieve this goal. Product features ▪ Driver-on-Board (DOB) solution and complete mounting options. ▪ Specifically designed for recessed mounting in different applications. ▪ High protection degree to extend the product lifespan: IP65 and KV4 rates. Applications ▪ Gas stations LIGHTING CATALOGUE 2018 49

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