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▲ Bridge Adomi Ghana

▲ Bridge Adomi Ghana ▼ Street Frankfurt Germany 52 SILVERSUN BY SILBERSONNE

STREET LIGHT Efficient lighting for urban areas External LED lighting is fundamental solution for helping to enhance quality of life and improve infrastructure in an efficient and cost-effective manner. SilverSun street light fixtures enhance illumination along city streets while providing savings through increased energy efficiency, decreased maintenance needs and longer-rated lifetimes. Product features ▪ The finned upper cover with cooling function improves the performance of the lamp. ▪ The rotating joint can be used for both horizontal and vertical plug-in pole. ▪ The asymmetric optical design reduces the unnecessary waste on an efficient way. Applications ▪ Urban highways ▪ Private properties ▪ Streets ▪ Gardens LIGHTING CATALOGUE 2018 53

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