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▲ Stahlgruber Poing

▲ Stahlgruber Poing Germany ▼ Van der Linden Transport Waalwijk The Netherlands 62 SILVERSUN BY SILBERSONNE

RETROFIT LINE LIGHT Compatible with most of trunking rails of the market Developed to replace the old lines of luminaries with tubes, SilverSun Retrofit Line light is compatible with most trunking rails on the lighting market. The installation is very easy because only 3 steps are required: to choose desired lumen output, connect the luminaire and fit it into the rail. Product features ▪ Designed for the replacement of conventional T5 and T8 tubes with an easy installation. ▪ Luminous flux DIP-switch allows to select the lumen output between 100% and 50%. ▪ Compatible with most of the trunking rails on the lighting market. Applications ▪ Existing rails with T5 or T8 tubes Optional version with emergency function LIGHTING CATALOGUE 2018 63

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