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DRESSER LIGHT Adjustable LED lighting for fitting rooms Studies show that 60% of buying decisions are made inside the fitting room. The suitable light can change the intention of a shopper, by providing a flattering light that makes customers look and feel good, helping influence their buying behaviour. SilverSun‘s high quality Dresser Light solution help flatter customers and the garment they are trying on. Product features ▪ 8 optional color temperatures, from 5700K at 100% of intensity to 3000K at 30%. ▪ From a simple panel consumers can switch the light between pre-defined settings. ▪ CRI above 90 shows colores as faithful as possible to reality. ▪ Quick and easy installation with different options. Applications ▪ Fitting rooms ▪ Dressing rooms ▪ Stores ▪ Shops LIGHTING CATALOGUE 2018 75

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