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N'West Iowa

Honoring the accomplishments of 20 area entrepreneurs, managers, business owners and professional men and women under 40. Iowa Information PUBLISHERS AND PRINTERS Iowa Information PUBLISHERS AND PRINTERS THE HEARTBEAT OF N’WEST IOWA GROWTH SECTION E MARCH 3, 2018 THE N’WEST IOWA REVIEW Iowa Information PUBLISHERS AND PRINTERS Iowa Information PUBLISHERS AND PRINTERS RACHEL BECKER, SHELDON Iowa Information PUBLISHERS AND PRINTERS MANDY BOERSMA, HOSPERS Iowa Information PUBLISHERS AND PRINTERS TIMOTHY BRINKMAN, SANBORN MIKE COULANDER, SHELDON SUSAN DE YAGER, HULL ANNA FEDDERS, SIOUX CENTER THE BEST OF OUR YOUNG LEADERS OF N’WEST IOWA KARISSA GETTING, SHELDON TAYLOR HIBBING, SIBLEY These are some of the faces of N’West Iowa. They are the people you do business with in stores and shops, institutions and industries, and companies and cafes throughout the region. KELLI HOOGERS, ROCK RAPIDS 12TH ANNUAL They most notably are the current and future business leaders in N’West Iowa as they represent some of the area’s best and brightest young professionals. ANDREW HOOGEVEEN, ORANGE CITY These 20 people — all under the age of 40 — were nominated by you to be recognized in this 12th annual special section and at a “20 Under 40” Breakfast Banquet at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 21, at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon. This promotion is sponsored by NCC, Iowa 20State Bank and Iowa Information Inc. UNDER40 MEGAN KOOIMA, SIOUX CENTER JEREMY KOOPMANS, IRETON MATTHEW LAMMERS, SIOUX CENTER ERIN OLSON, SIOUX CENTER ERIC ORTNER, SHELDON KRISTI ROBINSON, SHELDON KYLE ROZEBOOM, ROCK VALLEY NICOLE ROZEBOOM, HULL COREY ROZENBOOM, SANBORN JEREMY VAN DEN BERG, SIOUX CENTER