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SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2018 THE N'WEST IOWA REVIEW/SHELDON, IA E10 ANDREW HOOGEVEEN ORANGE CITY Physical therapist, owner and president of Industrial Impact Inc. in Orange City BY KATE HARLOW KHARLOW@NWESTIOWA.COM ORANGE CITY—Most of the time physical therapists help people recover after they have had an injury or an accident, and they often do it in the setting of a medical office or hospital. That is not the case for Andrew Hoogeveen of Orange City. He does things a bit differently. Hoogeveen is a physical ther apist, and he doesn’t have an office where patients come to see him after they’ve been injured. He goes to them, and — most importantly — works with them to avoid incurring injuries in the first place. About a year ago, he decided to start Industrial Impact Inc. and subcontract through Active Release Techniques Corporate Solutions with industrial business sites in the area. He is on site at seven businesses various times throughout the week to work with employees to help AT A GLANCE: Age: 33 Education: Bachelor in health promotion from South Dakota State University in Brookings in 2008; doctorate of physical therapy from the University of South Dakota in 2011. Experience: Physical therapist at Spencer Hospital, 2011- 17; started Family: Wife, Anna; children, Jackson, 20 months; Sadie, 2 weeks. Interests: Camping, enjoying outdoors, watching sports. prevent work-related injuries before they happen. “I provide preventive soft tissue treatment to help prevent work related injuries. I help avoid a soreness or aches from turning into an actual injury or recordable incident,” Hoogeveen said. “It’s more of a proactive approach than reactive.” It’s a relatively new and unique idea for area. “It really is very unique. I don’t have an office. I get to treat individuals at their place of work,” Hoogeveen said. “It’s more convenient for both the business and the employee. They can step off the line or out of the office for 15 minutes and have quick access to me and treatment. Then they are right back to work, hopefully feeling better.” And so far, the response to his unique business has been positive. “I have steadily picked up new facility contracts and my results have shown an average of a 50 to 80 percent reduction in workers’ comp claims,” Hoogeveen said. “It’s been really rewarding to work with these people and to help them feel better not only for work, but for their personal lives outside of work as well.” Before beginning his own business, Hoogeveen worked at Spencer Hospital for five years, which he notes was a good learning experience for him. “I did a wide variety of things from inpatient care, to outpatient to home care. It was a good foundation for me to build from,” Hoogeveen said. Hoogeveen was inspired to pursue physical therapy by seeing it up close. He played high school sports PHOTO BY KATE HARLOW and went on to play football in college. Hoogeveen has had his fair share of athletic injuries. “Through my years of athletic injuries and going through my own rehab, I was able to see and experience physical therapy first hand,” Hoogeveen said. “I realized that this is what I wanted to do — to help people feel better.” PROBLEMS CAN BE COMPLICATED. SOLUTIONS DON’T HAVE TO BE. BUSINESS IS COMPLICATED. That’s why we take a no-nonsense approach to find direct and efficient solutions to complex business problems. That way, you can make informed decisions and get on with your day. BUSINESS LITIGATION GOVERNMENT SECURITIES HEALTH LAW EMPLOYMENT LAW WORKERS COMPENSATION MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS ESTATE PLANNING & TRUSTS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IMMIGRATION 101 S. Main Ave., Sioux Center, IA 51250 (712) 772-5300 1201 South 2 nd Ave., Ste. 1, Sheldon, IA 51201 (712) 631-4056

SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2018 THE N'WEST IOWA REVIEW/SHELDON, IA E11 MEGAN KOOIMA SIOUX CENTER Owner of Excel Achievement Center in Sioux Center Commitment to community At Sanford Sheldon Medical Medical Center Sheldon Center we we believe quality care should care should be delivered be delivered close close to home. to home. Our Our team team provides provides you with you with health health and and healing healing where where it’s it’s convenient for you, for you, by providers by staff with and a staff connection with a to connection your community. to your community. Steven Karissa VanderLeest, Getting has been DO recognized and Shawn for Dreesen that commitment. have been recognized Congratulations for that for being commitment. honored Congratulations with the for being honored Northwest with Iowa’s the Northwest 20 under 40 Iowa’s Award. 20 under 40 Award. BY KATE HARLOW KHARLOW@NWESTIOWA.COM SIOUX CENTER—There aren’t many people who have known what they wanted to do when they grew up since they were in second grade. But Megan Kooima is one of them. “I’ve known I wanted to be a teacher since I was in second grade,” Kooima said. “I struggled with reading and my second-grade teacher was the first person who really come alongside me and really helped me.” She grew up in Sioux Falls, SD, and attended Bethel University in St. Paul, where she earned her bachelor’s in elementary education. After graduating in 2006, she went on to teach in Lincoln, NE, and in Minneapolis. She also went on and earned her master’s in reading, her school administration license and her math specialist certification. She ended up in N’West Iowa after meeting her soon-to-be husband. She taught seventh and eighth grades for two years at Ireton Christian School. “When I was teaching first and second grade there were a percentage of students who had trouble reading. I would tell parents to just keep reading with them and they’d get the hang of it eventually,” Kooima said. “Now I was teaching seventh and eighth graders and there was still that same percentage of students who were still having trouble. I realized that I needed to start figuring out how to create a pathway for these struggling readers to learn how to read.” That’s how Excel Achievement Center in Sioux Center got its start. Kooima decided to open the nationally accredited researchbased tutoring center in Sioux Center in February 2015 and after she went through training it opened its doors in June of that same year. She, along with seven other tutors, work with kids who need extra help with reading, math and writing. They also offer accelerated programs for kids students who are looking for a challenge. AT A GLANCE: Age: 33 Education: Bachelor of arts in elementary education from Bethel University in St. Paul, MN, in 2006; master’s in classroom instruction with K-12 reading endorsement from Concordia University in St. Paul, MN, in 2010; school administration license from University of Nebraska in Lincoln in 2011; math specialist certification from UNL in 2013. Experience: First-grade teacher in Lincoln, NE, 2006-07; second-grade teacher in Minneapolis, 2007-09; secondgrade teacher in Lincoln, NE, 2009-13; seventh- and eighthgrade teacher at Ireton Christian School, 2013-15; opened Excel Achievement Center in Sioux Center in 2015. Family: Husband, Kurt, children, Sophia, 2; twins Isabella and Kensley, 7 months. Interests: Volunteering with Royal Family Kids Camp. Students come two to three times a week and help learn tools to reach their goals of meeting or exceeding average grade level competency. Making a measurable difference with these students has been an amazing experience for Kooima. “Because we plan for each PHOTO BY KATE HARLOW student based on their needs we are able to see positive results in a small period of time,” Kooima said. “We are quickly able to divert behaviors that come out in frustration and help students fill up their toolboxes with tools for learning in the future.”

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